View Full Version : A True and Lasting Peace, PSA #2 from Unseen

07-04-2009, 05:34 AM
After a good night drinkin and hanging out with friends and family. I lay awake at night restless with thoughts inside my mind that won't simply go away. I could write it down in a journal to exercise them and be off into my over-due late night slumber but this medium is my internet family and connection to the outside world and simply put, I'd rather share it with yall.

Jesus is quoted in the Bible as saying "if you forget all else, know to treat others as you want to be treated and love God with all your heart." How simplistic, how beautiful, how right and exact.

I've gotten into conversations with Zooruka on these boards who is by now notorious for unaccepting and dogmatic framework with which to view the world. It is a vantage point that I do not nor will ever share.

God did not make the flowers all one color. God did not create a single kind of animal. And so while it is obvious that the Source of All Creation prefers variety one would have you believe that there is only ONE true religion. To back up this claim scriptures from the ONE religion that the guy believes in are presented as evidence as a testament of fact. Circular logic at its best.
Justification will undoubtedly be backed up by the scriptures in the Bible as if to prove that what I'm saying is wrong. :lmao: When one does not get it, they simply DO NOT GET IT.

To argue and divide ourselves over the technicalities of such things is to me devilish in nature. If by following the faith of your choice is has caused you to love God with all your heart and to treat others as you want to be treated then you have obtained the essential lessons that God really wants you to know. I don't care, and I trust that God doesn't either, if that meant Christianity, Islam, Taoism or whatever. The essential lessons are the essential lessons.

We should appreciate the bountiful world for all that it gives and respect the Almighty God that created it. We should treat each other with respect and dignity that being a human on planet earth should also command. Simple and Plain.

I may not like you all (and I don't) but I do love you all. May God bless the path you walk (whichever one it is) and if I do not see you here in this life may we talk and laugh together as brothers, sisters and friends on the other side of the great unknown.

peace and blessing to you all from a fellow human being on the planet earth at 4:33 in morning out of the great spot of Austin, Texas.