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07-07-2009, 06:56 PM
It looks like we'll be getting more from Alan Wake's psychological thriller.

When Alan Wake eventually comes out for the Xbox 360 in early-2010 (the PC release is currently up in the air) (http://www.gamezine.co.uk/news/games/a/alan-wake/remedy-answers-alan-wake-pc-concerns-$1309628.htm) it looks like it won't be the end of the psychological thriller author's adventures.

It's already known that Remedy Games is targeting an episodic-like structure for Alan Wake, (http://www.gamezine.co.uk/news/alan-wake-trailer-with-gameplay-footage-$1300485.htm) but it wasn't clear that the developer was targeting further entries. However, Sam Järvi of Remedy told LEVEL:

"Yeah we see Alan Wake like a DVD-box containing the first season of a bigger story.

"It is like a TV-series that became a game. The story is cut into episodes that are all ending with a cliffhanger."

Now we wouldn't want to read too much into what's said, but describing Alan Wake (http://www.gamezine.co.uk/news/alan-wake-trailer-with-gameplay-footage-$1300485.htm) as the "first season of a bigger story" certainly appears to imply a sequel.

Source (http://www.gamezine.co.uk/news/remedy-alan-wake-only-first-season-$1309626.htm)

Looking forward to this game, not a current 360 owner but will be once this hits stores.