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Some of these stories will be true to the last inch - some wont. feel free to comment on if you believe them or not :looking:

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So my first story happened when i was about 17, i remember because i was in the Western part of my state Queensland with my older cousins who spent alot of time drinking in the pub whilst i sat around watching, the pub owner was an arse, should have let me have a few beers.


Anyways one afternoon in the pub i got shit tired of listening to Cold Chisel and playing pool so i decided to venture back to the house we were staying at alone, my first BIG mistake. I had to walk through a bush like area to get home because it was like half the distance of the way we came by car, I had left the pub angry because of my boredom and started throwing rocks at birds when i should have been paying attention to what was around me - the Australian bush can be a very dangerous place to be, massive spiders, deadly snakes, the whole nine yards.


So half way home i actualy walked straigt into the middle of a Mob of red Kangaroos there at this time i was about 5`10 and the male kangaroos were much taller, Male red Kangaroos are the largest, normaly im not frightened of Kangaroos but this time it was like i stumbled into a secret meeting or something, they were scattered and all looking at me as i looked at them - i was frozen with fear, they just looked angry - one male turned and faced me moving foward with one leap, i jumped back one step, he moved at me again, never having this happen to me i was more frightened - he was about 20 meters away from me and standing on my path in between me and my destination.

I legged it - without thinking about the speed of a kangaroo i ran like the wind, jumping blackend fallen tree trunks, rocks shrubs everything - i kept looking back, i got a good lead on him somehow, but he caught up REAL quick, then i thought "hey - they cant climb trees" so i headed to my right into the scrub (thicker bush) - the motherfucker kept chasing i lept into this tree that on a normal occasion i would not be able to climb but somehow the bush gods granted me my wish and i climbed the tree like a monkey after the last banana.

The Kangaroo came to the bottom of the tree and looked up at me almost with a pissed off look - IT STARTED KICKING THE DAM TREE - rocking back on its hind legs booting the shit out of this tree, i started to scream at it "FUCK OFF YOU CUNT, FUCK OFF" it seemed to calm down a bit and after about two minutes left heading the way it came.

As i scaled down the best tree in the whole wide world i wondered "should i go back the way to the pub and wait for my cousins to take the drunken car ride home (which was always about as scary as the kangaroo chase) or man up and go the original way i was heading, i decided to wait a couple more minutes and head on.

After taking a piss i headed foward to my Uncle and Aunties house, luckily it was not far from where i had the run in with the Roo. No sign of the Mob - UNTILL i reached the house were i spotted two Roo's, a male and female, they did'nt look as big as the original chaser but i still legged it to the house, my uncle was out back havin a beer watching the sun set over the horizon - he never believed me.


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true story.

for a loong time my moms supported us with money sent to us by mu oldest brother from jail, from heroin balloons ma moms n i would pass to him thru the visits...

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Screw that man!

I wanna hear some real stories with kangaroos involved!

You know, that street shit.

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so this story was probably about 6 years ? ago summin like that

A friend and myself went up to Brisbane (capital of Queensland) to see a metal gig, Sepultura and Anthrax if im not mistaken - on the train so we could get toe up, im pretty sure it was a fair while ago because i remember drinking Bourbon (which i dont drink now unless clubbin) b4 the train ride (about an hours ride) and talking to another mate that wanted to see the gig on the pay phone, i was rubbin it in his face whilst trying to finish my last can of pre-mixed bourbon.

So we got to the gig and by this time im chain smoking cigarettes whilst walking through one of the most shady parts of Brisbane - 'The Valley' full of peep show venues and drunk aboriginals getting high on bus stop seats and im walking like i aint never walked b4. we get to the venue and SOMEHOW they let me and my mate in and we watch the opening band - fuck knows who they were.

Sepultura come on and im itchen for a smoke so i head out the back door - normaly its ok to walk out there, its got a security guard there, but im pissed so when i try and head back in he says "you cant come in" and im like "you seen me exit, im the only person out here" it obvious to me he is'nt allowing me back in because im tanked (drunk as fuck) so i head back around to the front to show my ticket stub and try and get back in.

I get to the front and its a tom-boy bitch that i always have trouble with and she gives me the same stick - im sure the first secy told her im tanked so dont let me back in - so im beggin to get back in showing my stamp, ID & ticket stub and she is just looking behind me like i dont exist whilst i listen to the first few songs from seppy in front of the outward swinging doors - THEN all of a sudden im smacked in the face with the visualy closed door it lays me out on the path out the front of the night club and im dazed like i have never been dazed before, its my mate getting thrown out of the venue.

He was crowd surfing (all clubs here have a no crowd surfing policy) and had got into a chase around the club with two massive bouncers, the bouncers caught up with him and pushed him into a metal stair case splitting his forehead REAL bad, grabbed him, and thrown him out the door collecting me.

After we figured out what had happened to us both my mate asked "where is the nearest hospital" and we started to RUN (fuck knows why) to the RBH - royl brisbane hospital which took like 10 minutes, it would have been smater to walk so he did'nt bleed so much, but as i said we were T A N K E D.

We get to the hospital and there is a bit of a wait, so we sait in the waiting room where they had one small television on a COMEDY program and as drunk as i am im fucking laughing up a storm, after i had almost pissed myself laughing my mate turns to me and says something like "this probably is'nt the place to be having a great ol' giggle" i soon realized im the only one laughing and 20 ? other people are probably waiting on news of loved ones (by this time its about 1:00am)

That took the cool out of my walk and i decided i better try and make the last train back home (they stop running all the way to the Gold Coast after a certin time) so i ask the admin lady where the train station was from the hospital, she points me in the right direction and after jumping down a 2 meter inbankment and walking through a shady alley i find the train station, waiting waiting waiting i fall asleep and MISS the last train that will get me home on time, not knowing i catch one that takes me half way.

So i get to the Beenliegh station which is about the half way mark home and curl up o another train station seat and fall asleep. I wake up at about 3:00am and have a spew and go back to my pre-warmed train station seat. with 2 hours left till the next available train i decide to walk to a pay phone and try my luck with family and friends, no one is happy to hear from me (it was a Sunday Night, here in queensland we get the rough end of the stick for gigs, i went to GFK a couple weeks back on a Sunday night too, luckily i X'd it and drove)

FINALY the 5:30am train comes and i get on it missing one shoe (my sock was half hanging off) rocking a metalhead shirt and im sure i looked like a junkie at the time and had a quick sleep (my station is second last on the line, but is'nt it funny when you fall asleep on trains you always wake up JUST b4 ya station ?) i get off and walk to the bus stop - as im walking with one sock hangin off i hear "RYAN!!!", i turn and its my mate with 5 stiches in his head laughing his arse off at me. we catch up on the bus ride home AND i go to work without any sleep at home.

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^ this story is ABSOLUTELY true, this is the one and only story i will tell you is true or not.