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06-16-2005, 12:30 AM
"It has its own gentleness, weirdly formed out, forming a weird sound, vibrates its given message, but all comes to a beautiful outcome, roughly discord and the outlined base will be a refreshed passage, for every new lesson, shall be examined thoroughly, we are amongst as we are here, from this plain quality time, we must have and become enlightened, not everyday for we live in this capitalistic world, as sitted here in the jungle, remembered of passed ways, of which are good and memorable indeed, past times must live on, plus future timed to come straight forward".

06-16-2005, 02:33 AM
Its The Earth In Birth We All Fail To Achieve
To Be As Great As We Can Be At All Times And Places
Thats Why All Rymes Are Facelifts To The Reader
When Amazement Replaces Eyebrows With Exclamations!!!
My Next Invasion Into These Stages
Of Lyrical Levels Is The Third Installation
That Could Be My Mixtape Or Just A Statement
Rap Could Be A Risk Taking Operation
Data Gets Twisted Like "dog Dna Racecar And God"
As I Blaze These Bars
I Globetrot Like I Was Mase From Harlem
And I Lace A Harem With The Grace Of Stardom
But You Never Seen My Face Before God
So I Cant Replace Complaints Nah
I Aced The Bass Cased The Place And Erased The Hate
Before I Turned Around And Paced Away