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Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-25-2009, 12:54 PM
i use these cos they're cheap from the pound shop.


i was at someone's house last week and there was a dude there that didn't have any long papers so he asked if anyone had some.

i handed my papers to him, and first he was telling me "i won't use those papers.... it's got chlorine in it". i replied "all white paper has chlorine in it to make it white". then he's talking about how the paper is brown and how the brown stuff in the paper is bad for you, and took me to the window to show me the browness. then he's telling me when he smokes this particular brand of paper he gets headaches from it. then i'm like :?

do any of you know what he's talking about? have you had a similar experience with these papers?

what papers do you like to use?

07-25-2009, 01:00 PM

07-25-2009, 01:01 PM
i use these
or these for blunts

07-25-2009, 01:45 PM

07-25-2009, 04:49 PM

Olive Oil Goombah
07-25-2009, 04:52 PM
*gasp* tryxx is a pothead???

im so disapointed.

Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-25-2009, 08:26 PM
are you being sarcastic? ^^

Olive Oil Goombah
07-25-2009, 08:35 PM
actually...no...im not.

Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-25-2009, 08:39 PM
do you use any drugs recreationally, nicky?

i don't smoke like i did before.

right now i could do with some mdma and a cuddle with someone.

or maybe just some greens.

Olive Oil Goombah
07-25-2009, 08:42 PM
yes, i've used recreationally.

But i thought you were above it. I always held you up higher.

But its cool...i'd do some mdma and cuddle, maybe partake in some medium to heavy petting.

Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-25-2009, 08:48 PM
lol. allow the heavy petting, not when on mdma.

i feel i need to be off my face right now, i don't have anything, can't get anything cos i'm skint at the mo.

Olive Oil Goombah
07-25-2009, 08:54 PM
u skint huh???

Too bad, i got the hook up 4 ya....im in a chill mood...i could go for some valium

Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-25-2009, 08:57 PM
that reminds me, i still have a load of Piriton. yes!

i've not had valium before. what's it like on it?

Olive Oil Goombah
07-25-2009, 08:59 PM
cool...relaxing, like most of them opiate pills..but i aint done em all...i wont fuck with oxy's cuz i dont need that in my life.

Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-25-2009, 09:04 PM
sounds nice. i can't get any valium from my doc, she's prolly scared i'll get addicted. :(

a drop of cough syrup would be nice too, right now.

Olive Oil Goombah
07-25-2009, 09:06 PM
haha...well that shit is readily available.

get ur sizzurp on

07-26-2009, 10:39 AM
https://www.thebackyshop.co.uk/images/Rizla%20King%20Size%20Blue%20Cigarette%20Papers.JP G

07-26-2009, 11:51 AM

yeaaah homie knows where its at, if you're looking for a clean smoke this is what you need.

07-26-2009, 04:08 PM
Orange Zig-Zags all day. I tried those ultra thin ones and they are pretty fucking cool. Very nice on the lungs.

07-26-2009, 05:49 PM
pill popping is sad and pathetic

Olive Oil Goombah
07-26-2009, 06:52 PM
well yea, if you become an addict, but its fun every once in a while.

Ghost In The 'Lac
07-26-2009, 06:57 PM
sliver rizlas most of the time.
when i can be fuccckckckkekekkkedddddd ill go to the headshop and get some custom shit.
but most of the tizzime im short and have to head to the local shop, silver rizz

07-26-2009, 08:51 PM
pill popping is sad and pathetic

Responsible drug use is actually more enlightened and fun. The trick is being responsible and not catching feelings for things that can be addictive. I've personally moved away from drugs like coke and oc's and more into psychedelics but there really isn't anything wrong with drugs. It's how you use them that counts.

07-26-2009, 08:57 PM

07-26-2009, 09:02 PM
^ Gorgeous. What's the maker?

Ol' Dirty Trixˣ
07-26-2009, 09:04 PM
https://www.thebackyshop.co.uk/images/Rizla%20King%20Size%20Blue%20Cigarette%20Papers.JP G

this is the brand that dude at the house normally uses, which clearly has chlorine in it.