View Full Version : A womans going to show you how to Spit

09-18-2005, 02:23 AM
This is a battlerap I spit last night at a battle I won:

I envison seeing you through wack rhymes are tha difference between me, and u/

My lines are accurate yours aren't even close 2 immaculate/

Your fractions while i'm advanced calculus/

While u can't cut it wit rhymes you resort to violence/

I just stick to tha script wit my lyrical science/

These lines shine with flouresence, and vibrance/

Stop sleepin' on Cee open ya eyelids/

It's obviously jealousy going on probably/

Your just a mockery of an atrocity/

You bite Tupac while I spit the lost scriptures of Socrates/

Your two days late while i forsee prophecies/

Styles way past galatic, and super-sonic/

You was hooked on phonics while i was quoting Nastradamus/

Chequita brings tha drama like ya babies mama/

I'm underground while u sell-out for main-stream misery

Refuse to dumb down my lyrics so u can hear me specifically/

And ya better believe i can get more complex than ainstein's theory of relativity/

09-18-2005, 03:08 AM
So you remembered word-for-word your lines from a "freestyle" verse eh? Good memory or like Nas' second album.... it was written.

09-18-2005, 07:13 AM
she never said it was a freestyle, and maybe she had it recorded

09-18-2005, 07:24 AM
and i dont care if taht was written or spitten, its hott shit, i told u already chiquita, u got that fire, read the rap olympics thread, if u wanna be in it, message me, ima organize this thing, peace

09-18-2005, 11:43 PM
all words no hype will get blown out in rap olympics put down the history book and the dictionary and spit some real flows