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08-07-2009, 01:39 PM
everyone says they've read the book cause its cool and wutangy.

so i just wanna test en-words tactics and see who can handle things as best prescribed by the book.

scenario 1:

Your key objective is to defend a city, Blogsburg in the Bloginstien kingdom. You have an army of 5,000. Your opponent has an army of 7,000 and is from the Blogsbury empire. If he takes Blogsburg he controls all port cities in your kingdom and can strangle you out in a war of attricion (sp?).

suddenly the fag that has his troops on the outside of Blogsburg about to face off with you troops turns around and heads after a nieghboring city Bloggins, still in the Blogstien empire like yourself and that city only has a force of 3000 defending.

what do you do as the supreme commander of the army?

Dr. Simon Hurt
08-07-2009, 01:48 PM

form an alliance with Bloggins (i guess you wouldn't even need to since their part of bloginstein), encircle the opposing army, since they're sandwiched between bloggins and blogsburg, you just cut off their access to any roads or exits from the area. then after you've massacred their army, you go to the opposing lands with some heads on pikes and annex them in the name of bloginstein...and then take some ships out of the port and find new lands to rape, pillage, and generally plunder

08-07-2009, 11:07 PM
Have 1000 of your three thousand men begin guerilla attacks against the invader's supply lines thus hitting them where they are weakest. You then take your 5000 man force begin raiding his territory and burn everything you touch until he's forced to withdraw to put down your troops in his territory.*

At the same time begin building a spy network and get your men into his government and military. Sabotage their orders, lead them in circles and then destroy them piece meal in their own lands. You will end up with more than a defended kingdom, you'll get their's too.

* Don't forget to kill the concubines. That tends to be an important step before starting anything else.

[So ultimately the same thing as Pandemic. It's not that hard to screw up Sun Tzu. He's a common senser if you understand fighting a hearts and minds campaign.]


Easy way: Force his men head on in good terrain for your men. Honestly 5:7 ain't bad odds...

Dr. Simon Hurt
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08-08-2009, 06:17 AM
eh. only you guys are playing chess, which you shouldn't do.

If you have a 5000 deep force protecting a crucial city and thats' your goal and he decides to head elsewhere, let him head there and have his fun. Your focus is the grand victory on wining on each move.

1. you should never follow an army

2. if you attack him as opposed to playing the defense you taking defenders away from a spot that needs to be defended and you would be easily decoyed away leavin you city unprotected.

if he wants to fight the less important city let him, it cuts his forces and your goal is still in sight.

Uncle Steezo
08-08-2009, 06:27 AM
the key objective is to defend blogsburg.

blogsburg isn't under attack anymore since the invading army changed targets.


you let them scrap it out. wait until the blogsbury numbers are less than yours. then you attack with full strength on a war weary and weakened blogsbury army.

in the meantime....if it doesn't weaken your own strength, aid the allied forces by sending food, supplies, weapons and medicine.
if you can't afford it, which is unlikely since you are a wealthy city(port city), then you stockpile in anticipation of war.

there are a few factors that are missing from this scenario that would really determine your course of action:
time of year
enemy leader's personality
condition of blogenstien empire

but as it stands, you are outnumbered, it is not in your best interest to fight.

i guess i was too slow on the answer. but yeah what derrick said. really the dude is dumb for attacking anyway. for him to reach a port city would mean that he's deep in your territory. then to be sandwiched between two armies....

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tissa prepares for the art of war with his igboo g string

and like the ostrich on his safary backyard, he turns and gives the enemy his ass


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anyone notice how stylemaster just said what i said after the fact? what a goat.

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Id say, once bloginstein starts attacking bloggins, the ratios are actually in favor of bloggins and blogsburg, since the defending force are in fortified positions. Midway through bloginstein attacking bloggins, cavalry charge that muhfucker from behind. Before your inevitable win reaches word to the remaining forces left behind, Guerrilla attacks on valuable supply lines for bloginstein, and generally inch your way to surround until surrender or defeat.

08-26-2009, 10:08 AM
well if i was in unfortified position i would just use that move as a ploy to take ppl out of your fortified position. if you do a cavalry charge thats that much less ppl i have to worry about when i bust into your fortification with the real niggas.