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08-17-2009, 05:19 PM
A good choice if you just want to rent a game quick to see if you might want to buy it.

After taking the DVD market by storm with its $1-a-night rental kiosks, Redbox is dipping a toe into $2/night video game rentals, starting with kiosks in Reno, Nevada [update: and Wilmington, North Carolina]. Limited selection so far, but hard to beat the convenience.

Inside Redbox (via ZatzNotFunny!) reports that Redbox customers in Reno began getting promotion e-mails last week about PlayStation 2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and DS video game rentals arriving in area kiosks, and according to commenters on the site, game discs are already available for rent (although there's some debate as to whether the addition of games will mean fewer DVDs in each kiosk).

The current selection of games on Redbox is, unsurprisingly, pretty limited so far. While most of the major platforms are represented (besides PSP, that is), only about 45 titles are listed on the Redbox Web site, although such recent releases as Madden NFL 10, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, and UFC: Undisputed are present and accounted for.

Also available: Old favorites like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty: World at War, Mario Kart for the Wii, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted.

For now, Redbox customers can't reserve their selections online before heading out to a kiosk, as they can do with DVD movies, and it's not clear whether gaming reservations are on tap for the future (or at least, not yet; I have an e-mail in to Redbox PR asking about this issue, among others).

As far as Redbox's $2/night rental fee for games goes ... well, as many others have pointed out, it has its plusses and minuses. On the plus side, it's a great (and, as far as I know, the cheapest) option for those who just want to try a new video game for a night, and there's also the instant gratification aspect of being able to grab a disc from a kiosk in your local supermarket.

Then again, you could always just go to Blockbuster and rent the same game for $9 for five nights (or about $1.80 a night), while mail-order game subscriptions services like Gamefly charge $16 for a whole month with a disc, although you'll have to wait for the disc to arrive in your mailbox.

So, what do you think: Like the idea of grabbing a game for two bucks a night? Would you rather pay more (initially, anyway) for a chunk of days, or a month?

Update: I just got a few more details from a Redbox rep, as follows:

Redbox game rentals in Reno and Wilmington, North Carolina are just a test to "gauge consumer interest in video game rentals," so no timing on a national rollout quite yet;
Game discs from a Redbox kiosk are yours to keep after 25 days (meaning you'd pay a total of $50 to keep a game);
While the current selection of Redbox video games is small, new games are being added "every week." Another interesting detail from the Redbox rep: "We will be testing two different kiosk configurations one with a combination of movies and video games and one with video games exclusively."


Lex Lugor
08-17-2009, 08:10 PM
hmm good news
have to go check it out one of these days
yea its great for test driving games
but also for when i connect a couple xboxs and dont have enough copies