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08-18-2009, 01:50 PM
New beat using the same sample Dilla used for Mos Def's "History", but flipped in a different way. Check the myspace link in the sig.


08-18-2009, 02:59 PM
ill beats man always.. peace man n keep rockin shit cuz ur talented man! peace

08-18-2009, 04:03 PM
real nice work, feelin the flip!!! Just gotta beef the kicks up a bit so they hit harder but over it was dope!!

08-19-2009, 02:02 AM
history - dope filp

Im ready when you are sounds ill too I could hear Buckshot on that.

Wavelength is smooth feeling the vibe keep banging

08-19-2009, 11:31 AM
Finally got myspace working again lol, so i peeped your new shit Noyz

my man!!! some ill ass beats, History is dope, i like that flip..... but ready when you are, is insane. that flute sample is wicked ill.

Peace fam, hit me up on msn whenever, im back up and running