View Full Version : rappers at their best and worst!!!!

08-19-2009, 09:15 AM
the emcee isnt gonna rock the mic everytime he picks it up, sometimes the wifey got them depressed, the ganja got them stuck, whatever it is!!!! they aint gonna rock it right everytime!!!

nas at his best!! plenty of examples for the god, but the poetry is breathing off the page in this joint!!! makes it look easy!!!

^nas at his worst... just.. wow!!!!! i remember dry heaving after this track was finished!!!! id be insulted if i was destiny, father mailing it in on my dedication track!!!

jedi mind tricks - untitled... jus allah at his BEST. seamless delievery, perfect flow, crazy lyrics!! the lines connect like they should!!!

jedi mind tricks - heavy artillery
jus allah of now... its amazing how different he sounds, choppy flow, terrible voice, lame lyrics ... wack son!!! i forgive jus if hes suffered a brain injury, but god damn son!!!

tried covering both spectrums of the rap shit!!!