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08-20-2009, 12:59 PM
in this vid Krayzie talks about the album title The World's Enemy

and this is the new single but its an older version of the song that wasnt going to be on the album

im gonna buy this album fa sho

Hollow Dartz
08-20-2009, 01:02 PM
Is this the KB solo album? (Haven't clicked on video yet).

08-20-2009, 01:05 PM
no the bone thugs album. the song was just going to be a song with jay rush and KB but now the whole group is gonna be on it

Hollow Dartz
08-20-2009, 01:10 PM
Oh aight, why did they change the title?

Ghost In The 'Lac
08-20-2009, 01:12 PM
because uni5 was gay

anyway dont really like that song, your not allowed to talk about it (literally) on bnthboard.com

08-20-2009, 01:13 PM
These are not all confirmed songs for the album. these are reviews from people that went to a listening session hosted by bone thugs n haromony 2 days ago.

Track Info (collected from Think Tank Vip Members )big thanks to Victor, Z-Bone and Chrysti:

See Me Shine (with Pheadra)
Rebirth - Think Tank Members (majority) think the hook was better Thin C (more energy) > Lay and Bizzy (slower harmonized feel)
What Have We Done - Michael Jackson (tribute song)
Gangsta's Glory - Eazy E (tribute song) - sampled Eazy E vocal
Cradle to the Grave
Facts Don't Lie
Murda on You
Pay What They Owe
No More
Untitled - (like jay z's D.O.A.)

Originally Posted by |Z Bone| http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/pro_vizion/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3303568#post3303568)
Z Bone is here...

First and foremost, I MUST say that history is being made with this album, and last night was NO exception. Secondmost, you will all BOW to Bobby Francis, some of yall got him SOOOOOO fucked up it's less of a game than Lay's second album title...

but anyway...http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/smiley.gif

Play-by-play time. We are told to meet with the VP of BE at a location down south at 6:30, signing waivers and providing ID. The waivers state that we may be camera'd and video'd. That didn't take long...before we knew it we were waiting outside the studio and two nice camerawomen start the night's interviews, asking everything from "why are you here" to "spit your favorite line" (Flesh on Show 'Em for me http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_nod.gif, others hit Heated Heavy, some girl spit too but don't remember hers). Around 8, Big B Bobby Francis walks outside to greet us. Very calm but larger-than-life figure and a deep strong voice so he doesn't even have to be loud, and he tells us that upon choosing a seating number out of a hat, we will be organized inside this studio based on that number. So half went into the booth and the other half with the mixer, Bobby, and BONE.

We were handed our own critique packets, numbered from 1 to like 30-35 and with space for comments and critiques on EACH song played for us. Yes we heard that many tracks http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_nod.gif After some time setting up and Bobby explaining the purpose of this session and the purpose of his role, his background, the state of Bone and its future, in comes FLESH-N-BONE, KRAYZIE BONE, AND BIG WISH BONE!!! They carry around such an aura it's unbelievable. Yall see pictures of them but it's a complete different story in person and RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. the girl next to me almost started hyperventilating http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/haha.gif FB and KB looked a little shy but WB was ready to pap pap, no lie. They come and sit down RIGHT NEXT to me at their table, man it was insane...

So BF explains the DOA track and I must say, they kill this shit. He says its on a mixtape level, not for the album, but a great way to start the night.


REBIRTH. and if you need to know anything more, know that this song could lead as the album's title track, and they may even want to consider naming the fuckin ALBUM Rebirth!!! Because it IS a rebirth of Bone! This was complete except for the mixing, but you couldn't even tell. Bone was now on the hook and hearing it from the very beginning it pumps you up so hard. The beat is raw, Flesh comes in MURDERING the track, Kray comes in MURDERING the track, you heard Lay put it down, and Wish Bone puts it DOWN too!!! Oh, so you're wondering about Bizzy, eh??? ....... VINTAGE. For those of you thinking TGAR was "tight".....http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_no.gif.....This track here is no JOKE. I loved Bone on the hook. Wobo has a different perspective because he was in the booth and had headphones on. In our room we had all the BIG ASS speakers hittin so hard (Wish kept tellin em to TURN THAT SHIT UP) that you didn't just hear the music, you FELT it. So maybe it was somewhat clearer in his cans and Bone on the hook sounded different to him than it did to me. Whatever the case, this shit HITS and the sad thing is, BF said Bone originally didn't even want to do the track....

So we continue with the rest of the tracks, and many of them have all members on track, some with verses incomplete, some ideas for a beat, etc. There were some tracks that were ok and could have used more work, but again, every song we listened to was incomplete. There was a lotta shit that was fresh and sounded so good (Motivation, Pay What They Owe, Murda on You [OH. FUCK.]). I was hoping the new style they were working on wouldn't be revealed here but since it already has, oh well. Speaking on this, BF had a lot more tracks with this style he wanted to play for us but one of the engineers was unable to bring the drive which contained these tracks, he was disappointed in this...

Not too much needs to be said about these other tracks individually, you really just had to be there. We were repeatedly and repeatedly encouraged by BF to be ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY HONEST in every single comment about each song - what we liked, hated, what we thought sucked. He didn't want BS, only the truth, and he stressed the importance of it because it was the entire purpose of the whole meeting! And you know I brought it. Many of my comments pertained to beefing up the hooks on tracks, many were just KB himself and some were kind of basic, needing more work...i constantly suggested adding more members to the hooks, changing formats of tracks from verse-hook-verse-hook to interplay, and adding more harmony to verses. He collected them all at the end and WILL use them for input. Don't believe? Well, we DID have an opinion about a song that produced an INSTANT change on the SPOT...

Around the middle of the session we get to the track "that everyone has been talking about". Sadly, BF says, this song was released prematurely. He felt a vibe to it and wanted Bone to work on it, but because it had been put out, however instantaneously, Bone did NOT want to touch it. BF presses the issue with this song, suggesting that he will get it revamped. So after adding Phae (who goes the fuck off, see the pictures? she's singing her part), live instrumentation (WOW), and bringing it back, Wish says, "When do we record?" http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/haha.gif


does everyone remember that erroneous thread about a Crossroads pt. 2? Well, this is it. Not literally, FIGURATIVELY. 2009. SEE ME SHINE. I'M telling you, this will be the track to reclaim their glory. I never heard the OG, cannot compare, but as far as I know, many others haven't either, and even those who HAVE heard it before will NOT be disappointed. All Bones are on it. This track needs to be released NOW. Bone is BACK. We repeated this song THREE times because it was so on some next level shit like Bone has never done and the energy in the room with everyone close together singing and dancing and vibing was INCREDIBLE. All members performed their parts for the camera, we damn near shot a video to it. TWICE. Every Bone fan's DREAM was this night, vibin like crazy in the studio with BONE to their reunion album, an album that will bring them back. I feel like my life has changed.

So after hours together, Bone getting hyped listening to their shit, Bobby telling us EVERYTHING we want to hear, this "Think Tank" was everything AND MORE!!!! This was such a positive, you are INCREDIBLY CRAZY to believe it was a ploy and was worth nothing. We heard BONE, CREEPIN ON AH COMEBACK! And NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT...

To those who were selected originally but then UNpicked, I send respects. This was a VERY small studio, WE barely fit. I know how you must feel, because upon reading his CHANGE on Sunday, I wasn't able to reply until it was already 5 hours after he posted that. I NEVER replied to his status questions asking about album titles, # tracks, etc, so I figured I SURELY would not be chosen because there were people on his page writing almost on the hour! When I wasn't invited that night, I figured I got duped and was down as well. I didn't get a message untile Monday afternoon, so for that whole time I felt as if I was UNpicked as well. All I can say is that I feel you, I'm sorry you did not get to come, and I am lucky and blessed to have been a part of this. We held it down for you...
Originally Posted by |Z Bone| http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/pro_vizion/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3303574#post3303574)
So that was all the fun part. The part that you had to be there for, and ultimately, it's less important to the rest of you. Everyone else (who wasn't there) wants to know now when this album will be released, when we will hear a single, and what's in store for them and us, and when.

First off I must say that nothing is confirmed. The album is NOT finished. Don't be mad, you all knew better than to expect a follow-through on a release date. He did NOT say there would be a pushback, but I HOPE there is one, and I'm sure everyone there feels the same way. Bobby and Bone are so focused right now, on their music, on their image, on the importance of their reunion, on the innovation and creativity that they NEED to supply that a rush to get this thing out would be a step backwards. When I say that this is going to be MAJOR, i mean it (how long have I been here and how long have I been EXTREMELY critical of Bone). BF says they've scrapped whole ALBUMS and went back in to work on new shit. They completely understand the critical nature of this time period, that they cannot afford any sub par work, that they NEED to be innovators again, or else they will be DONE. Bobby has stressed this to them MANY times and he did so with us. He is such a coach and positive figure for them, you have no idea of his worth if you haven't met him and let him present his mind (he is a real mastermind) for 5 hours like he did with us last night. He is so focused on positive energy and the TEAM aspect. He says they are family and sometimes he will tell them to give it another go if he ain't feelin it, sometimes being 1 on 5. Oh, and btw, HE HAS BEEN WITH BONE SINCE 2007.

THEY TRUST HIM, LISTEN TO HIM, AND NO ONE COULD BE MORE PERFECT FOR THIS JOB THAN HIM. There has been so so so much hate here towards him it's ridiculous. He knows all about it, yet it doesn't even bother him a bit. He's on such another level than those who don't know him or Bone or their current situation that he doesn't even need to pay attention to the negativity. Just by listening to him speak, so eloquently, intelligently, and passionately, I know this. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about his job, his role, Bone's history, hip hop's history. At one point I told him, "Bobby, this studio must be home for you, huh?" To which he replied, "I've been in the studio for 20 years." He is no puppet and he has nothing to prove to Bone. I've witnessed them interact, I've seen their mission, and this is TRUTH. And I KNOW every single other person there last night is a believer. He does not take bullshit, he is not soft, and him and Bone are in a different GALAXY than you would know just by reading his updates and seeing his pictures. Like i said earlier in this post, and like i said since day one, yall REALLY got him FUCKED UP. He's doing so much more for Bone than posting pics, so all the hate needs to STOP. NOW.

They have photographers with professional equipment on site at ALL TIMES. That damn camera NEVER shut off last night. He doesn't deal with it, they do, and it's extra stuff for us to have, so start appreciating it. Because HE'S not putting them up, they are, the photographers. He's just nice enough to update everyone constantly. His real job is bringing Bone back to the greatness that EVERYONE is dreaming of, and I'm telling you, IT'S COMING. Yall mad cuz the single hasn't been dropped, get over it. It wasn't ready. They are not putting ANYTHING out unless they are fully satisfied. Cuz when it comes, we will be BLOWN away. All the impatience and rants need to cease, BONE is handlin their biz, and if this album gets pushed back, trust me, IT'S FOR THE BEST. If you are pissed about an irritated message, stop it. He's fooling NO ONE, he's open and honest, and if not for him, Bone would NOT be on the mega rise they are about to begin very soon. The others will testify.

So in summary, Bone is coming, and Bobby is WORKING. You will be happy in the end. No more criticizing, just a little patience right now, it WILL pay off.

Originally Posted by Woboito13

Well we started off with this song that they did like Jay-Z. D.O.A.
That song was nothin' but TRUTH and FIRE! Basically saying how people in mainstream are using it and they think its helping their career but it'll only be the end!

Then they went with Rebirth. This track was with Lay & B on the chorus saying the same lyrics. IMO it sounded awful. It sounded like little kids were on the chorus. We ended up listening to Rebirth with Thin-C on it and it SMASHED on the one with only BONE. I think they'll use that one instead.

I forget the order of all of them since we heard like 25 tracks and then nearly 10 'ideas' for tracks...

My favorites ended up being See Me Shine, Smoke To This, Cradle to the Grave, Facts Don't Lie(something like that...That title just doesn't stick), Eazy-E, What Have We Done?....That's all I can remember right now..

See Me Shine - It has been redone and it has live instruments. Bobby said that Wish didn't wanna fuck with the track cuz somebody was already on it. But Bobby told Wish that he could tweak it and make it loads better. So Wish finally let him do it. Bobby said that Wish IMMEDIATELY wanted to record on it. You can tell it was the night's favorite. EVERYBODY WAS MOVIN' & BOUNCIN'!!!!!! Kray, Flesh, & Wish all gave a 'performance' Lol AWESOME!

Smoke To This - FILLED WITH HARMONY!!! And read the title...need I say more? That track was soooooo smooth!!! Ah...I'm speechless on that one

Cradle to the Grave - It was a RAW ASS TRACK! I'll let somebody else comment on that one cuz I'm also lost for words

Facts Don't Lie - Basically saying that EVERYBODY has used Bone's style. Yes, yes...I know some of you are 'tired' of that subject but that song was done soooo different that you can't do anything but love it....I like Kray's line that went something like: Name me ONE rapper that hasn't used our style! I'll wait (the track goes SILENT) then he starts rippin' it up again! FUCK, it was awesome!!

Eazy-E - They felt nobody has done a PROPER tribute to E and that 'Tha Crossroads' was to him BUT it was also to a lot of their homies too. So this one was just a BANGIN' ASS INSTRUMENTAL (cuz they're not done with it. It was one of the ideas) It had a chorus with some lady singing..I BELIEVE it was Phaedra....Anywho...If they do this track...yo..That shit will be off the mothafucken CHAIN!

What Have We Done? - Track was like an MJ tribute and...FUCK lol Again, I'm speechless. It ended with them sampling 'Tha Crossroads.' See you at the crossroads so you won't be lonely...etc. It caught us off guard. Bobby said they sampled a track and we'd know as soon as we heard the sample but DAMN!..it was done SOOOO WELL!

That's all for now...I'm SURE others will come on later and add their opinions...There are SOOOO many tracks I didn't mention. 1. I'm sleepy 2. I want others to give input.

I forgot to mention this track:
Universe - It was an 'idea' track. It was done like Just Vibe. They did a line or two then switched off. The reason they can't put too many tracks on one CD is because they only hold 80 minutes!!!! Instead of cropping their verses short, Lay came up with the idea of doing more tracks like Just Vibe and switching on & off to get complete verses with all 5 in a limited time frame. Kray said he didn't want the verses cut short cuz they all had something to say and it would be wrong the not to.

Bobby said that there will be a lot of tracks of them switching from verse to verse instead of chorus, verse, chorus, verse, etc. I was like PERFECT!! We don't want that! We want verse to verse cuz then it gets too long and repetitive

EDIT: The chorus went somethin' like...(Bizzy, btw) Can't remember all the songs Lol
Universe somethin' somethin' you got us all on one verse
Universe somethin' somethin' all unified on one verse


I forgot:
Like 5-10mins after Kray walked in the door, he signaled one of the dudes in there to roll him a blunt. You can tell thats what he wanted and it was no confusion Lol
So we took our first break like 45 minutes into listening to their tracks. We started heading out and Kray had his blunt lit in the hall. As soon as he saw the first guy & me walk into the hall, he QUICKLY gave his back to us. I guess to shield the blunt http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/102.gif It was funny though cuz as SOON as we started walking towards to hall, we smelled the sweetness in the air http://www.btnhboard.com/forums/images/smilies/haha.gif
After we came back:
Everytime you see Kray walk out, you know what he's doin', right?
Gettin' fresh air is what I'm doin' when I walk out.
Oh yeah? Then what's in your cup?
Its iced tea!
Oh iced tea? You can see his eyes are gettin' low and he's eatin' an apple!
We all just started bustin' up. It was sooo funny. So for the rest of the night, the joke was him drinkin' iced tea. Bobby was like, 'Ain't that right, Kray? Weren't you eatin' a bunch of the cake last night? You know...with your cup of iced tea too.'
Idk about Flesh but I don't see why he wouldn't be high. But Wish was fucked up too Lol!

i got all this from members @ btnhboard

08-20-2009, 01:15 PM
because uni5 was gay

anyway dont really like that song, your not allowed to talk about it (literally) on bnthboard.com
i know this dude posted that youtube link and it was deleted like 2 minutes later

08-20-2009, 01:17 PM
Oh aight, why did they change the title?
the fans weren't really feeling that name

08-20-2009, 08:30 PM

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by BTNH Worldwide .