View Full Version : [Don't Sleep] Fresh Daily - The Gorgeous Killer: In Crimes Of Passion

08-20-2009, 01:17 PM
Just got this album.. very dope. Don't sleep.

1) Wildlife -prod. by !llmind
2) Break a Leg- prod. by Oh No
3) Me First- feat. Tanya Morgan -prod. by Analogic
4) SupaSpectacular! – prod. by The 2 Hungry Bros.
5) Bullet-Tooth Tony feat. Cool Calm Pete – prod. by Donnan Linkz
6) Video Gamin’ -prod. by Frequency
7) Starter Pistol feat. Homeboy Sandman -prod. by Dj Spinna
8) Two in The Shirt – prod. by Exile
9) Untucked Nunchucks – prod. by Skibeatz
10) Trust feat. P.SO -prod. by 88-Keys
11) Gutterman -prod. by Prism
12) Love Breakdown -prod. by Analogic
13) Crimes of Passion -prod. by !llmind