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Kevlaar 7
08-24-2009, 12:39 AM
Check out my people and discuss!! PEACE! 100

First there was 'The Unknown'. They released an underground album which became a real hype not only for Wu-Tang heads. A few years later Bronze and Kevlaar expand to a group called 'The Wisemen' with two other talented MC's out of Detroit. While they were working on a follow up, they left Babygrande and are on the search for a new distribution deal for theire own Label 'Black Day in July Productions'. Meanwhile he and Bronze joined M-Eighty's mega group 'The Almighty', alongside Killah Priest or C Rayz Walz just to name a few. But in spit of all that he never lost focus to do an solo project. Now his mixtape is out and it's more than just a teaser for his upcoming debut album 'Die Ageless'. We connected with Kevlaar to talk about the last years, his involved projects and his future plans.
So prepaire for the next great side Chamber of the Wu-Universe. Get ready for Kevlaar 7!



Hi Kevlaar, nice that you got some time for us to do this interview. The most people will know you from the Unknown or the Wisemen. Can u please introduce you for all the unknown out there?
Peace. No doubt anytime fam. Most people will know me from my crew affiliations and all that but you know it's Wisemen for Life and that will never change. Basically I'm an outspoken Emcee/ producer. A dose of reality for all these fake ass
Industry Dudes out here that's shitting on the art in a myriad of different ways. You already know me and Bronze Nazareth Been doing this for 10 plus years and now we getting ready to take this to another level and bring real hip hop back to the forefront.

It’s been a long time since we got that Wisemen interview up here. What was going on the whole time? What did change? Especially for you? Basically what was going on was work. We was going back and forth with Babygrande, we been doing shows, working on the New Wisemen album, Bronzes 2nd solo, The Academy, 60 sec album, My solo, and negotiating with the new label Sound Records for these New projects. Also you know real life. We have families to feed and tend to.

How does a normal day in your life look like?
From the time I get up to the time I lay down its music constantly on my mind. How can I keep elevating and building? On top of that how can my family eat off of this? You feel me? I get up I check all my emails and pages and all that, take care of business for however long it might take. Do this interview for 3 hours or any others, hhahahahahaaa! Then I move over to the music whether it's sitting down and banging out some beats or writing some ill bars. Or I might have to mix a track or a few depending on what’s going on. Or work on a collaboration I agreed to. This shit never Stops fam you know what I’m saying? Also if I have my kids with me which is whenever I’m not on the road, I’m taking care of Them at the same time that I’m doing all this. I'm always busy fam.

Now there’s a mixtape out from you and it sounds superb. Why does it take so long for a mix tape?
Thanks I appreciate the support and love. It took so long because I was never going to do a mix tape. Them shits is Played out to me. Name a muthafucka that DON'T have a mix tape out nowadays! R&B cats are doing mix tapes now!! Shit is watered down once again. My crew was the ones that convinced me to do a mix tape because I won't front it is good promotion. But I was working on my solo album "Die Ageless" and I stopped working on that to do this mix tape real quick. Now I’m Jumping
Back to the solo album and I’m 85% done recording that. I feel my time and energy is better spent on my actual album, feel me?

On your mixtape you did the most of the productions by yourself. How does you start making a beat and what equipment do you normally use?
Basically I work off of how I’m feeling at that particular moment. A certain emotion I’m feeling or whatever. I might look for a sample for a couple hours until I hear the one I want and go in. I keep it basic as far as the equipment goes. Mpc 1000, or Cool Edit pro. But I work off of feeling. How I feel is the type of production you're going to get from me at that time.

Will there be something like the ‘Wu meets the Indie Culture’ with your beats?
Word, I been throwing that idea around lately and most likely I will be working on an EP maybe, of something in that format. All production by me, actually displaying my production skills, not just making beats. Maybe on some prince among thieves
Type of shit.

There are some Wu features on your tape, do you stay in contact with other members or affiliates to produce for them?
Yeah no doubt, definitely stay in contact with a few of them, and I have alot in store as far as collaborations go for future projects.

Can you name a few?
We was just in LA with Killah Priest and Prodigal at The Breaks Music Festival; Myself and Chi King appeared in a movie called Fan-Addict with Sticky Fingaz out in LA too. I speak with Cilvaringz a couple times a month, and Myself Bronze and June was out In LA in the studio with Rza, Kinetic and Cappa. i got sum shit coming on Cappa next mixtape also.

Where do you see yourself inside the Wu-Universe?
Oh I’m simply an affiliate, I never asked my nigga RZA for that blessing to rep the W, that was Bronze's goal that he Attained and I was there all the way but I just ain't the type of nigga to go in behind my brother and carry out A plan that he laid for himself. I'm going to do my thing as far as spitting hard and making banging productions and niggas
Took notice to how we do shit and brothers reached out to me. At the end of the day it's all family, shouts out to my WISEMEN crew, Bronze, Salute, Phillies, Illah Dayz, June Mega, Beace, my nigga RZA, Chi King, Cilvaringz, Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Cappadonna, GZA, Timbo King, Solomon Childs, Masta Killa, Kinetic 9, Prodigal Sunn, The Black Knights, Victorious, Inspectah Deck, Vast Aire, I could go on but yo we been blessed to work with the cats we work with you feel me?

Aren't you a Wu-Element or was this just for Bronze?
I never asked for that Blessing from RZA because that was always Bronzes plan he laid for himself and HIS goal you feel me? So nah i'm not a Wu-Element.

You mentioned in the beginning of the year, that your debut album ‘Die Ageless’ will come shortly after the mix tape. Can u give us any updates on that? (Release date, Label, Producer, Features etc.)
First thing is that I'm back to working fulltime on my solo album. I'm 85% done recording it. I don't have a release date as of yet, but Sound records hopefully will be handling this project. As far as production I have Bronze Nazareth providing Me with some HEAT; woodenchainz, J $crilla, Crucial the Guillotine, Conz, and myself on the boards. As far as the features Of course you know my crew is going to represent, and I have a few surprises that I will announce at a later date!

What does the name mean and what kind of music can we expect?
The name "Die Ageless" simply means that I’m going to leave something here on earth that will keep me alive long after I’m Gone. Something to make people think, cry, laugh, reminisce, fight, whatever. Something that will touch your life. Bob Marley died ageless. Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Pac, Ol’ Dirt, Biggie, Pun, Proof and of course Michael Jackson and many others.

Your mixtape finally came out on Chambermusik. What was the reason for that? I mean M-Eighty has his own Label, Why you don’t sign there?
I wanted to go through Chambermusik.com to see how they would handle my project and all that. Eighty doesn't have his own label. Me and Bronze do have a label, Black Day in July Productions, and we are currently looking for distribution.

Ok i thought he got his Holy Toledo Productions?
Yeah Eighty has Holy Toledo but there's is no Distribution for that. That's why you always see that paired with the Babygrande or Sound.

Can you please explain, what the hell was going on with Babygrande? M-Eighty does a little video, where he talked against them, but can u gives us your point of view as well?
Babygrande, namely Chuck Wilson is fuckin' snakes. They wanted a HUGE 75% pay cut they wanted us to agree to, so of course we turned that shit down. It's STILL going on with them but we WILL get what we are due. They rape everyone that deals with them. Doctored statements, blatant lies, misleading information, slander, All types of shit. Bottom line is that niggas got families, kids to feed, and these bitch ass snakes is pocketing OUR money yo! At the end of the day it WILL be straightened out and Chuck and them going to get exactly what they deserve.

They released a Bronze Nazareth Instrumental cd without letting him know. What do you think about such moves?
Such a move is a BITCH move. Chuck released a statement claiming that Bronze Nazareth and the Wisemen were "dropped" because we didn't sell enough records for them which are completely false. We asked to be released from the label and that’s what happened. We have an inside track to REAL numbers though Chucky. And also if we weren't lucrative enough then why in the fuck would they release another Bronze album without his permission if the shit don't sell??

Did they also have some stuff from you?
Yeah, yo they got mad shit on the Bronzestrumentals album that's not even Bronze beats! A few of them is my beats (Blade runner, Fragments, New year banga) a Gripz beat (MC Death march), a Paragon beat(Michigan rain), and on TOP of that these fucking idiots got a Just Blaze beat(Bended Knee) and an Organized Noize beat(Childhood war)!! Fuckin Idiots!

Back to the music thing. You said in an old interview, that we maybe can hear some new Unknown material in the future. Is there any news on this or are the Unknown already dead?
We have alot going on but we are definitely open to a new "Unknown" project. The Unknown will never die.

What’s the deal about M-Eighty and the Almighty? Killah Priest mentioned that he’s not a part of it and the track on the album was just a studio recording. Seems that he’s pissed a bit.
The album is being worked on now, and it was just something Killah Priest couldn't be a part of right now, ain't no hard Feelings no where about nothing fam.

Who are the official members now?
The 2 new Members will be announced when the album is announced.

What are the plans for the Wisemen, when will they drop another album etc.?
The Wisemen are also currently working on a new album titled "Children of a lesser God". We are about 50% done recording the album. Expect HUGE things for this album also, and more of that REAL, RAW hip hop along with a few surprises!

I heard that Beace is a member now, so who is now officially in the group?
Beace is a close affiliate of The Wisemen, and as far as the official Wisemen group its me, Bronze Nazareth, Phillies, Salute The Kid, Illah Dayz, and June Megalodon.

You and the other Wisemen are always under the shadow of Bronze Nazareth. Is it a problem for you or how do you? Handle this?
It's not a problem at all. Bronze is OFFICIAL, you feel me? Bronze is top notch as far as his skills go and he is one of The type of cats you can always come to with your vision and either he is right with you or he got another vision to go Along with it to make it better. The thing is that niggas got to get on they business end of they solo shit as far as Blowing up they own name and the group name will rise with that. But it's also a thing of doing it at the right time to Coincide with certain projects coming up and all that type of shit. Organizational business skills and your own drive is what will take you to that next level. But nah, Bronze had that inside track of his drive and his determination to obtain that Blessing from Rza and he been making his own waves like that for a WHILE now. That is why he is one of the HOTTEST producers In REAL hip hop right now.

The last years there were many releases coming out of the Wu-Empire. Are you trying to listen to all of them or do? You just focus on a special group of artists?
Oh I check all they shit. Ghost always got heat, that nigga is consistent as fuck, his last joint was BANGING! I'm still Banging Hell Razah's “Renaissance child”, that shit is CRACK. Made in Brooklyn, The Offering, Thug Angelz, yo it's mad shit.

Do you follow the rap game at the moment? Which artists do you like and why?
Yeah I have to follow the game to a certain extent and to be honest I’m real disappointed in the direction the mainstream Shit is going. Shit is straight GARBAGE. That shit ain't even hip hop and then to add to it you have so called artists That’s rhyming on some real ignorant, nursery rhyme, DUMB shit like Gucci Mane or OJ da Juiceman and shit. These grown ass Cats making this ignorant shit, keeping our youth ignorant. That ain't real and that ain't hip hop, Word. Shit is Poison. Artist's I like today is Ras Kass, Joell Ortiz, Jay Electronica, Elzhi and Slum Village, RIP to Baatin, Saigon, Royce da5'9, Dead Prez, Nas, Immortal Technique, Jay Z, Mos def, etc. It’s a lot of REAL, new talent out here so ya’ll don’t HAVE to settle for that dumb shit.

A few days ago i saw that LA the Darkman has a feature part on a track from Gucci Mane and OJ da Juiceman is also on it. What do you say about that ?
Yeah yo La is my nigga he do his THING. If he wanted to do that collab then thats his choice he a grown man on his hustle and he doing well down in Atlanta with the Aphiliates and Willie da Kid. I mean thats just my opinion on gucci and OJ im not feeling them dudes at all, i think they a detriment to the art and to us as a people simple as that.

Will you be touring for the next time?
We have shows coming up here in Detroit, and one in Maine in the Northeast U.S. next month but we are currently working on a West coast and another Midwest tour in the U.S. You can always check our show schedule at www.myspace.com/DetroitWisemen or www.myspace.com/Kevlaar7 or www.reverbnation.com/Kevlaar.

Is it possible for your fans in Europe, especially Germany, to see you live as well?
We are DEFINITLEY planning on coming to Europe and rocking for everyone there who wants to see us. Anyone that reads this and you want to help bring us to Europe to ROCK, get at me at Kevlaar7@gmail.com or SmashEverythingBooking@yahoo.com!! Promoters and Booking agents get at us!!

Last but not least, the final question. Do you have any last words for the readers out there?
Go get my mixtape, Unbutton your Holsters Vol. 1, go get Bronze Nazareth Thought for food Vol.1 and 2, for anyone who doesn’t have it yet, go get The Wisemen- Wisemen approaching and Bronze Nazareth- The Great Migration!! You can check my promo video for the mixtape here, www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLXxFEDFdYM

And you can purchase the mixtape here:

On that note, I'll never give any last words until I’m gone. Even then, all you have to do is listen to my music. Die Ageless, You feel me?

Aight, thanx for your time and i wish you the best for your debut album.

08-26-2009, 10:34 PM
Let's keep it building! Big things!

-Noble Scity-
-Crucial The Guillotine-Gripz-Illy Vas-Iron Fingaz-Kaotny-

the silencer
08-27-2009, 12:35 AM
and on TOP of that these fucking idiots got a Just Blaze beat(Bended Knee) and an Organized Noize beat(Childhood war)!! Fuckin Idiots!

i KNEW those were outside beats!!...damn they really fuckin butchered that instru album...

( i still like it tho, nice to finally have some of those Bronze bangers in instrumental form)

Back to the music thing. You said in an old interview, that we maybe can hear some new Unknown material in the future. Is there any news on this or are the Unknown already dead?
We have alot going on but we are definitely open to a new "Unknown" project. The Unknown will never die.


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Great interview.

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Thanks, i posted it here a while ago with the link to my site (www.wu-famnatic.com (http://www.wu-famnatic.com)) but the admin here deleted it.