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08-31-2009, 11:00 PM
Humans are so fearful of a world out of their control, which is the reality of existance, that we have developed and obsession with a planned organized world to sooth the fear of unpredictablity.

this is where religion and conspiracy theories come from, even good and evil.

humans wanna believe that they're on this universe for a purpose, and this purpose, noble in its essence, can only be obstructed by other people with 'evil' designs on them.

nothing bad happens without these evil designs causing them to happen cause the world and humanity is naturally good.

look at conspiracy theorists. these ppl believe there is a group of ppl, for the sake of evil, trying to control and destroy humanity, and without these ppl at the helm of power, 'bad things' and 'bad ppl' wouldn't exist.

they link all 'bad things' and 'bad people' and because bad is out of the nature of the humanity they want to believe inm they the embody it with everything else that scares them or makes them uncomfortable.

i feel religious and conspiracy ppl are cowardly in the end of the day, cowardly and vein, and i feel the belief in both stem from the same human desire to want a rational and just world and block out the stark fact that the universe is lawless, we are EXTREMELY insignificant and unneeded, life has no purpose, they as individuals aren't exceptional, human beings are ruthless and driven more by instinct then 'will', theres no such a thing as good and evil just perspective interests and motive, they will die and not matter as they didn't matter before they were born, and the world will never improve.

once i learned to accept all that as ironic as it sounds i became more at peace.

this, is the dao.

dude, let it go.

Lex Lugor
08-31-2009, 11:11 PM
i guess all we really have to look forward to is sound theory

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your just a parrot for the establishment. free your mind

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first of all, you got the why wrong TSA, and because you don't understand it, you will never understand the people who both support and defend that position.