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09-01-2009, 04:52 AM
A year ago everyone was wondering "Where's Cam?". Now I'm wondering "where is he going?". His 08 songs were fuckin' epic and Crime Pays had enough songs to make 09 a memorable year for more popular rap. But that last mixtape "Boss of Bosses" sucked. Maybe its because of DJ Drama or his new sidekick Vado, but I think Cam just might be slipping. He just doesn't have anything to rap about anymore.

Dude really has one of the biggest body of work I can think of when you factor in a million mixtape tracks, guest appearances and rare stuff.

I think DipSet really is dead and buried. I hope Cam just works as a solo artist again and quits putting on all of these untalented drugdealers-turned-rappers and gets focused on making good music.

He needs to work on fixing his career because he knows how to make great songs unlike Jim Jones who's getting rich with shitty ringtone rap. Killa is the most misunderstood and underrated lyricist IMO. (Don't bring up Warcloud. He's great too)

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"It wasn't 9-11/ but it was 911/ Gave him 9 plus 1/ Dropped a dime on dun/ I told him get his 9 and run/ Turned himself in, I had to find that dumb"

Yeah, I know alot of people think he's garbage but I have to defend his style. Dude uses double meanings, metaphors and just weirdness to the point that he does just sound crazy. But if you get it, its some complex hip-hop.
I'd like atleast one more album full of shit like "I Hate My Job". More music with a topic and old-school surreal Dipset bragging and just forget the swag and coke rap. That shit is so played out.

*Maybe that mixtape sucked because Cam is working on some retarded COMEDY a'la "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I'll excuse it then. I still want a Killa Season 2.

09-01-2009, 07:02 AM
Fuck I hate my job.
Cam is one of those artists who can make banging albums without substance, but his execution is always on point.