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09-02-2009, 10:55 PM
First off, rapping is like kung fu, anyone can learn it by studying/practicing/etc a farmer can learn kung fu, and express it with moves/etc w/e w/e, a poet can learn kung fu... but in a world of screeching sounds that dont please our ears, we stop some bullshit XD

onto my mixtape:
wait till i tell u the name of this mixtape:

First off, im doing this for fun, not charging shit, and will not regret it any shape form or fashion cuz it sounds dope but it sounds weird to do......

TOTAL PRODUCTION COST: $10 to make printouts for the cover which will be part of the album art, i have no connections to studio shit, i got a mixing program, some dope beats off of instrumental albums (red tape instrmtals. by ev etc) and a voice recorder. sounds stupid but im almost finished with it, the sound is fudged up but somewhat seamless...w/e w/e w/e...

i started scribbling playing with words, went onto poetry and was honestly facinated with it after getting some sort of form (i could never seem to end shit right lol) that went on to public speaking on how on the comparisons and contrast of hip hop and Islam *the first audience i have had was the muslim club in high skool, my worst experience ever* its been a long ass ride but the journey is getting damn fucking exciting now, so i present to you, the wu corpers, TRIAL AND ERROR BY THE NEW DUDE NEWR.

coming soon.......