View Full Version : New Benzino - Goodfellaz "Eminem & Slaughterhouse Diss"

09-06-2009, 08:48 AM

09-06-2009, 11:18 AM
Lol that was quite nice. Like the beat.

09-06-2009, 12:13 PM
wow. benzino has officially accomplished something. congratulations, ray benzino, you are officially the biggest loser/faggot in the HISTORY OF HIP HOP. please, stay gone. nobody needs/wants or checks for you,EVER.

his warped sense of reality is something to behold. just........wow. PATHETIC. please, stay gone, bitch. nobody cares.

09-06-2009, 06:01 PM
tical2000 gonna come in here and say this diss is right up there with the likes of Ether and Second Round KO.

09-06-2009, 06:08 PM
benzino? are you kidding me?

this is the hip-hop equivalent of pre-teen emo girls putting suicidal goth lyrics in their facebook status as a desperate cry for attention so that people will comment on it.

you're over. finished. crawl back into your grave faggot lazarus.

09-06-2009, 06:33 PM
track was alright, not good enough for a mix cd or anything though. i was wikying him and it says he's 44 years old? and he's still trying to break in to the industry?? somebody get this dude a rope!!

drippie k
09-07-2009, 02:16 AM
beats not bad but this dude should seriously just stop...no one cares about him or what he has to say...no one ever has or ever will...he's more of a loser than anybody is slaughterhouse

09-07-2009, 02:19 AM
whooooaaaaa wtf is up with the sample? BENZINO? ROLLING STONES?..i dont fuckin think so..benzino lost.