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Max Prime
09-08-2009, 05:28 PM
Tranquility has been released for the public. Download the Samples.

SELFISHNESS (http://maxprime.ca/tranquility/08-max_prime-selfishness-ftd.mp3)

PAINTING OF GOD (http://maxprime.ca/tranquility/Max%20Prime%20-%20Tranquility%20-%20painting%20of%20god%20promo.mp3)

THE POLLUTED RESSURECTION (http://maxprime.ca/tranquility/06-max_prime-the_polluted_resurrection_2_stories-ftd.mp3)

ELISTISTíS LAMENT & BEGGARíS WOE FEATURING ADD-VICE (http://maxprime.ca/tranquility/09-max_prime-elistists_lament_beggers_woes-ftd.mp3)

If you like it, show your support and buy an mp3 or physical copy from cdbaby here:
PURCHASE TRANQUILITY (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/maxprime1)

or send me an email request, and i can send you a copy


its a limited pressing, only 100 physicals are available

please support skilled MC's and artistically powerful music wu-fishy's