View Full Version : So whos track is the illest?

09-15-2009, 09:54 AM

or sinassed weak attempt


09-15-2009, 10:08 AM
Sin went hard on ya'll and left out tha "YoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO!" he just straight went in.

Both of ya'll dropped in the matter of overnight that was ill.

If I ever wrote a Diss I would get on some Kool Keith "Im creepin" steez.


I wouldnt vote yet though on which track went harder

The Hound
09-15-2009, 10:27 AM

Sinapse was boring and Jigsaw didn't make sense - Fake superhero, Clark Kent trying to be Superman, er, you do realise...

Sorry, but I couldn't get half way through either song without feeling the urge to turn them off. Still, keep beffing, mad entertainment.


09-15-2009, 10:37 AM
line fa line jig shut shit down

09-15-2009, 11:48 AM
Jig ain't shut nothing down, oh no don't diss me for going to college and say "i read encyclopedia britannica" oh man that hurts hahahah...still the truth remains, you are a welfare collecting slob and Jig is a cable guy that can't rap well at all...meow


For those that like to read along...

Fuck it ima have some fun, all the rest is pointless
Leavin fragile egos bandaged up and dressed in ointment
I heard some Pussy Cats Purrin, harmless gentle noises
So i'll stress my fuckin point, and leave Pathetic Cats Poisoned
Poverty Crime Pain, never penciled nothin good
Claimin they Hip Hop, just cuz they reppin from the hood (Bitchport)
Fuck that, it's beats and flows, to each their own
But ya'll just wack, pussy cat peasants cant reach the thrown
Lil kittens done stepped in some big dog shit
Now you down in the pit facin a big dog pit
Aw shit, now I'm pissed off, my jaws locked in
Couldn't beat this fuckin rap if you were John Cochrane
Ya'll Nicole n Ron Goldman, I'm OJ wit the gloves on
we did a song once, but now all the fuckin loves gone
You mentioned my name, there's no takin it back
you facin a ragin ape out the cage, I'm rapin a track
Sixteen - in ya face, I'm breakin ya back
16 later, ya heads cracked, then ya takin a nap
Thats just a warm up, real emcees got stamina
block damagers, that spit all night n pop amateurs
I got more styles than ya'll got motherfuckin brain cells
Remember today, the day the cold rain fell
Dismemembered ya name, forever in shame
Once you show that you a bitch, shits never the same
Poor PCP, now ya glass house shattered
swept it under the carpet, now ya fat mouths battered
Skampoe, soundin, like you drownin in vomit
You a sparkler, Ima rocket, this the sound of a comet
Grounded and honest, take you down wit the soundest of logic
You push nicks of ignorance, I move ounces of knowledge
I'm what you could never be, what you could never see
Like your dick you fat bitch, thats all you'll ever be
The smallest enemy, microscopic fuckin flea
You think you fuckin with me, bitch you nothin to me
I'm a mohterfuckin emcee, you a nobody with no talent
Oh god he stepped to a beast, got bodied wit no challenge
Jigsaw, homie, what happened to you??
You sound like you takin a crap, just relax wit it dude
Enough of the faggot rapper swagger rapper rat-a-tat matic clapper
Really...average slacker wackest rapper
See I had to come off beat, just emulatin you...
Real cats ain't playin you, so you'll never make it fool
Just keep runnin cable, start pimpin ya daughter
And stop rappin bout how you up in my livin room quarters
You behind a keyboard, mouth full, knees sore
You supposed to be blowin Skampoe what you dissin me for?
I'm Frankenstein on the mic, ya'll bitches Igors
Good thing you claim poverty, cuz ya writtens be poor
Bitches, my lyrics the richest, my physics the sickest
You could never ever write the shit I spit in a minute
On a whim at the barber shop, kickin the harder rock
Out grindin for real, leavin the fans and artists shocked
Come ask around in Philly, where the real cats feel me
From the block to the campus, man they feel Napse filthy
this ain't about me, it's about two whores
Two sore vaginas, that got smoked like Newports
Ten times as arrogant, and one tenth as talented
Ya'll the result of rap music having no checks and balances
Fucking Hip Hop up, it don't need no chump fakes
It needs cats that murk ya'll wit one lung in one take
Like me, so keep dreamin, and thinkin you the man
Just know I dint have to smoke PCP to think I'm Superman
But I did it anyway now the beast be buggin
Aw hell, he woke up hungry, now he eatin somethin
An appetizer, more like a light snack
More like Spinks/Tyson, so dont try to fight back
Shits World War II, left ya'll leveled like Berlin
So you'll know in ya heart, aint ever levelin wit Sin
Thanks for pissin me off, I'm gettin devilish again
Just remember after this you'll be irrelevant again
Its all you ever been, it's all you'll ever be
Two wannabe emcees accidentally reppin me...
So stupid ya'll diss me for being intelligent
Never thought I'd get some props in a beef that I'm settlin
So if I met ya wife Jig, I'd speak like a gentleman
Tell her to hit the street, lookin cheap wit some elegance
Best chance to advance married to an angry cable guy
That raps with a diabetic expressin his rage at life
Poverty Crime and Pain, it hurts to be bad criminals
Weak hustle, not cakin, that'll keep cats miserable
Ya see I'm sympathetic, I can feel the hopelessness
You just wanna be someone...but no one notices

09-15-2009, 11:49 AM
Skampe your a fucking imposter, held together with sellotape, fake ass homo thug

09-15-2009, 12:10 PM

Punchlines and flow were much better.

Jig has some ill shit, but I just wasn't feeling "Defragmentation".

**don't get mad @ the opinion please. This is about hip hop and being an emcee. It has nothing to do with hood, suburbs or color. Whoever is nicest on the mic sways my vote.

The Fuhrer
09-15-2009, 01:19 PM
sssshhhh skampoe is ill...

like these mofo's..