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09-16-2009, 03:46 PM

i get my blast on cuz the targets is there,
u gon fully go deaf when u get stabbed in the ear,
its clear we the mu fuckin gawds that u fear,
stop droppin them tears

cuz i said
fuck sianpse n fuck how he feel,
i show respect 2 da real,
and to cats strong out on them crills,
b4 i show it to u even if i was tagged on ur will
and we know that ur payed, ur granpapy was a master of slaves,
thats how ur roots were paved,

take lyrical shots cuz u dont pop rounds,
u aint from philly u from mean streets of landsdowne,
i am clown,
vilator violatin
all ya faggits for hatin,
my lines are heat rocks crafted by satin,
i been patiently waitin,

to expose ya dick riders,
ridin dicks like trannys on spank wire,
spit fires like an assasin for hire,
u write ya shit after watchin the wire,
in hopes to fully gettin inspired,
but ur trully a liar,
we are wat u claim to be,
on ur best day u can never stand bnext to me,
regardless of a collage degree on faggotry,
i am god and all u spitin is blasphemy.
werd up yo

ur spine i break it, sinapse tryna fake it till he makes it,
we get bread out here street thought me 2 bake it

i am HIPHOP, ur tryn to fit in on sum one elses culture
knowin damn well u aint built with that structure,
got no biz in the game,
theres no weight to ya name,
any one can write n makit sound like its flame,
but wit out this realness the shit aint even tha same,

i got sum heaters for the lame comin out that pcp camp, we leavin it stamped,
engraved in ur grave

this is just revelations of recent events,
i told ya bout hip hop n how ya need 2 pay rent,
this is just lil chapters to da catalog i craft,
ur werd hold no weight they get flown out with ma draft.
all the while im whispering fuck sinapse!!!


09-16-2009, 04:03 PM
"i am clown,
vilator violatin"

09-17-2009, 12:22 AM
hahaha so i listened to both beef tracks by skam-pope and sinapse and I conclude these are two talented men w/ soft features as LLcoolDan would say.

Sinapse sounded kinda pouty on his track and is a young Rene Zellewigger in her prime on his best day, but can ride a beat like champ. Skamp came with his typical BK burger shot flow, pepto bismol swagger and some kind of gruff/grunt noise that brought the nostalgic PCP sound to a new level.

I cant wait to see whats up next.

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Lex Lugor
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Jesus Price, someone gone made a black Simon Birch

09-17-2009, 01:23 AM
I am clown.

Lex Lugor
09-17-2009, 01:25 AM
I am clown.

09-17-2009, 02:05 AM
"Every Game Needs Losers"

Ya'll pollution, the air I breathe is rarified
Bearer of the rarest rhymes, step up, prepare to die
Ya'll ain't got half the talent of a pubic hair of mine
Should prolly start flippin burgers maybe preparin fries
Minimum wage cats, got Sin in a rage, thats - not smart
Runnin over ya'll like hittin some stray cats
PCPs roadkill, weak emcees no skill
Nothin to prove, but the beast in me won't chill
He smokin somethin, PCP, two hoes are frontin
Wit some drops less hot than a broken oven
So please stop frontin, cause I'm so disgustin
You know I been real, you know I been ill
Bought my album, both dubbed that shit an instant classic
No skippable tracks, right? one of the sickest rappin
Thats what ya'll SAID, ridin dick, makin ya'lls bed
You lie in it, lieing now, the sheets all red
Ya'll dead, murdered, cornballs that no ones hearda
Punk wannabe thugs takin pictures holdin burners
You ain't foolin no one, Jigsaw the Cable Guy
The Jim Carrey of rap, thugged out, you fakin right???
Bee Bee gun motherfucker, cats are bored of Forty Five
Bitch you wack like Michael Jordan when he wore Forty Five
get the fuck out my face, bitch you a fuckin disgrace
To every cat thats out grindin showin love for the game
Fuck you know about a stage? Or a street side cipher?
Ya'll just rappin in ya room, meowing feline liars
The truths comin out about the cyberspace rappers
That done stepped out they element, they died the day after
Now ya down in hell roamin wit roaches n snitches
The demon's shittin on ya face in frozen lotus positions
I don't hesitate, I meditate, I break the bread n elevate
I generate the real art ya'll fake heads could never make
I'm wastin my time, kickin dead horses today
Fuckin around wit some crumbs, I need some more of the cake
What am I doin?? For real I'm gettin bored of you lames
Already slaughtered ya name, but now it's more than a game
You brought up my wife into it, switched my humble disposition
Now ya whole fuckin existence is a puddle that I piss in
So listen, you could never see me like you had no vision
Ya'll gettin brutally raped, man ya assholes rippin
All because you got salty when a man spoke the truth
Then you tried to show n prove, but no one noticed you
Like usual, life ownin you, broke ya hopes in two
Ya lyrics're too simple n ya flows atrocious too
You musical acne, got popped like a pimple
Got outclassed by Sin, and not by a little...
The gap between us, thats like an infinite distance
Ya'll like some fishes outta water while I swim in the rhythm
Im flowin freely, ya'll tense like you spittin in prison
Jizz drippin off ya lips from a dick that ya lickin
So bitch listen to me, no matter how proud you actin
You ain't no real emcee til you felt crowd reaction
If ya'll spit in public the reaction would be laughter
Like yoooo I don't think this wack rapper could be any fatter
And I don't think this other faggots flow could be any wacker
Come on yo, can this wack ass show go any faster???
I wanna hear an ill cat, that bangs out like Sinapse
Ya'll cant hang, I'm bangmatic, ya'll sweet like tic tac
Candy coated fantasies about rockin the mic
But ya'll wouldn't know bout crack if you saw rock in a pipe
So just stop it, and be glad that ya not in my sights
Since i'm speedin on the freeway and you stopped at a light
Understand what I'm sayin? means I'm really makin moves
PCP can only dream about the shit I'm made to do
Ya'll soft like feelin tittys, that's why I'm feelin pitty
Cause everything you feel is gritty and real is shitty
Just because you fuckin poor don't mean that you can rap good
If that was true, then somethin like a hundred million cats could
You either dope or wack, but ya'll dont notice that
Cats that don't know you always say ya flow is wack
Thats called denial, face it, ya whole styles basic
Tried to step out the matrix and ya got annihilated
Vaporized, disintegrated, tantalized, incinerated
Ten out of ten, thats how my ablums gettin rated
Cause my shits professional, while ya shits forgettable
Ya'll talk a lot of beef but ya spittin vegetables
Wanna make a diss record? listen to this record...
Take notes and come back when you learn to spit better
All you've proved yet is ya'll some grimey bitches
And that Sin can cook cats up like a chinese kitchen
But we knew that! See I'm just having some fun
You faggots are done, its Hip Hop, no clappin a gun
Its rappin, destruction, thats whats happenin son
But at least ya'll persistent, ya'll some passionate chumps
I ain't even diss Skampoe, motherfuckers too wack
He can son himself, that last track proved that
See I think I'll get high, let my flame seek buddha
Ya'll done served ya purpose, every game needs losers