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Wu-Tang Forum Internet Poster
09-19-2009, 11:37 AM
Which one of you roger ebert lookin ass motherfuckers is rating threads?

I was just looking around, and every threead that has stars as been rated 1 time, and im assuming it was the same person.

I was just curious.


My guess: Drunken Monk, cause he made some post in the Admins section about his inability to rate threads.

09-19-2009, 01:07 PM

But i don't think you can rate threads anymore.

There is some thread in the admins section about it.

Uncle Steezo
09-19-2009, 02:48 PM
its TSA. always has been TSA.

09-19-2009, 05:54 PM
no it's not me, im too lazy and don't care

TheOriginalAsiaticBlackDan (http://www.wutang-corp.com/forum/member.php?u=60112)


09-19-2009, 06:36 PM
Apparently, I rated this thread one star. Can't seem to remember doing that.

09-19-2009, 07:04 PM
Ive always wondered this as well.

Who even looks to see what a thread is rated?

A thread isnt like a book or an album where you need to know its good before you check it out. You judge threads by their titles. A completely useless system all around.

Uncle Steezo
09-19-2009, 08:50 PM
tsa is lying once again.

he'll make a thread and it will be rated 5 stars but only has one view.
i noticed that one day when he was spamming the forum.


09-19-2009, 09:09 PM

lol I just find that funny cuz i have never once paid attention to the amount of stars next to a thread. they're like invisible to me.

09-19-2009, 09:13 PM
hmm which thread should i read "Being the Dopest MC on Sound Theory Is Like..." sounds like a funny thread but only has 1 star. Meanwhile "Just got back, got sum new ink" by
SKAM-POPE has 2 stars yet sounds like something i really dont want to see.

09-19-2009, 09:17 PM

Uncle Steezo
09-19-2009, 09:50 PM
hahahahaha exactly.

one night derek made like 4 threads back to back all 5 stars while no other threads were rated.

i just chuckled.

but yeah, derek puts his two snaps on it.

09-20-2009, 11:07 AM
It's really important that people rate threads. That way we can all see if a thread is worth reading. But on this forum it's too often misleading. Sometimes a thread has 5 stars, so i'm assuming it to be a "great-epic-blows-your-fucking-mind" kinda thread, and then, when i open and start to read it, it turns out to be even more lame than that movie where people have some dinosaur in them, you know the one.