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Art Vandelay
09-26-2009, 05:32 PM
Cops: 6 Attacked Woman Over Karaoke Performance


According to the Stamford Police Department, these six women attacked another woman at a Connecticut sports bar allegedly because the woman gave a bad karaoke performance.
Stamford Police Department
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Six women were arrested and charged with assault for allegedly attacking another woman due to her poor karaoke performance, according to officials at the Stamford Police Department.

The suspects, ranging in age from 19-20, were arrested Sept. 23 after fleeing Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery Cafe (http://www.bobbyv.com/) in Stamford, Connecticut, where they are said to have attacked the woman.

The alleged victim, 25-year-old Leidy Alcantara, was singing "A Dios Le Pido" by Colombian singer Juanes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj51nEyRuN8) (YouTube) when the suspects started accosting her.

"I was singing the song in Spanish, and some girl said I was very annoying," Alcantara told the New York Daily News (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/09/25/2009-09-25_6_women_slapped_with_assault_charged_after_alle gedly_beating_up_woman_for_bad_ka.html).

The victim shot back something to the effect of, 'If you don't like it, you can leave,' which the girls took exception to, Stamford police spokesman Lt. Sean Cooney told the Stamford Times (http://thestamfordtimes.com/story/475471).

The altercation occurred after the exchange of comments, according to Cooney.

The women punched, kicked and pulled Alcantra's hair, according to police.

Alcantara's husband and a bartender and customers at Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery Cafe pulled off the women and called police.

The six women then left the bar and were later identified by eyewitnesses, according to police.

Alcantara, a Port Chester, New York resident, suffered a chip tooth and numerous bruises, police said. She was treated at Stamford Hospital.

The six women were charged with assault, conspiracy to commit assault and breach of peace. They were released on $5000 bonds and are scheduled to face a judge on Oct. 5.

Alcantara says it was her first time doing karaoke, according to the Daily News. 'I'm a shy person," she told the paper.

The Stamford Times identifies the six women as: Kiana Strickland, 20; Martisa Chambers, 19; Danielle Swanson, 19; Deja Hines, 19; Michelle Rosedom, 19; and Chaniel McRae, 20.

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You seem to be copying me.

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I'm not surprised at this. I wouldn't be able to tell if most of those ugly hood rats were guys or girls.

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i didn't see this article posted before, sorry.

anyways, i think it should be legal to jump people that suck at karaoke. it would cut out a lot of the shitty singers.

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I didn't mean I posted the article already, I meant the thread would be a type of thread that I would make.

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yeah, you're right. i want to be just like you when i grow up

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love is in the air.

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bitch probably ruined a classic or some shit like that.

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what's the over/under in the group that Charles has propositioned for foot rubs?

If its three, give me the over.

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ive notied the similarity i nposting styles as well.

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check 2 is my secondary.