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10-01-2009, 10:56 AM

1 Big words (Intro): Good introduction to the album, here Solomon opens his mind to us to express the way he feels and his thoughts while dropping knowledge. The beat gives us his wisdom acompanied with the guitar and violins making a very smooth melody that gives you more emphasis to make his point 4/5.

2 Priorities : Beat drops with a soul sample "give it up" repeated the whole song cut with the rest of the sample to make the hook with hard drums and horns, it's the introduction to solomon's world lyrics are ok and flow is very sharp 3'5/5.

3 The city (feat. Inspectah Deck): This one features the one and only Rebel INS who drops an awesome verse with beat from Ayatollah aka Phamtom Of The Beats with that new york feel with a speed up sample with an electric guitar with very hard hitting drums on this one, hook is great and solomon verse is an ode to NY 5/5.

4 Won’t Let Em: Piano loop accompanied with a speed up sample with guitars with stomping drums and some scratching here and there, the beat is on point and solomon flow here is fucking ill, telling people to not fuck with him but songs to me is average 3/5.

5 Getting Money (feat. Allie G): Whoa!! autotune in tha house but even though this shit is commercial i dig the beat, electronic beat it has a good feeling and this shit bangs hard in the car with hard hitting drums and a melodic bassline with lots of scratching wonder if RZA produced this one. I know this one is gonna get a lot of hate here but it is what it is and solomon want to be an Mc of 09. The lyrics are about bragging the only let doen is that fucking hook sung by one nasty bitch that i hate 3'5/5

6 Contra: The beat kicks in and the sample is very familiar to me but don't remember where i heard it first but it's already used even though is an great up tempo track that fits perfectly with Solomon flow, ,love the drums. The hook and bridge with the hard hitting drums are dope on this one 4/5.

7 We are young: He shouts J Kleins maybe the producer the beat is very melodic with a speed up sample with some electro elements added on and a singer that makes the hook not listed. This is the shaolin representer song talking about growing up and dropping some knowledge, dope song 4/5.

8 Game Over (feat. Suga Bang): Beats kicks hard with horns pelnty of noises hard hitting drums and a speed up sample of a girl screaming with a little bit of wu signature in it. Suga does the hook but he ain't killing it like in Cold Outside this has to be RZA on the boards, can't wait to know the producer credits. Solomon raps about life issues hip hop and street shit killer flow like always 3'5/5.

9 Got my mind on money: First let down of the album, this fucking sentence been done hundreds of times in hip hop history. The beat has a west coast vibe but is very well arranged wouldn't be surprised if it was done by the RZA. Hook is annoying can't stand it and the lyrics well...2/5.

10 Guys night out: Fuck another let down with an annoying hook made by some singer and the beat sounds cheap on this one like the ones coming from freemurder album but the only good thing is the flow Solomon is using on this song it saves this shit 2/5.

11 Misery loves company: Another known sample i know i heard it before anyway is a good soul speed up sample with good drums and the bassline it's very alive. Solomon raps about the struggles of life flow here is ok 3/5.

12 Sometimes: RZA beat with piano, horns and vocal sample that we already heard before the album dropped. I'm love this shit very unusual beat from RZA is like New York is back and solomon is just bragging and keeping his flow on point 4/5.

13 Footsteps of life: This one has the signature of Bronze Nazareth all the way through. Dope ass beat with a vocal sample with the violins. Solomon makes a good team witn Bronze they always make good ass songs 3'5/5.

14 Eye for an eye: Another known sample fuck "what is this shit" (like the niggerian from friday 2 when he returns the broke cd lol). This is a dope beat but when you already heard...anyway the song is average at best 2'5/5.

15 You are something: Lol i'm going to make it brief: love song, soft beat with autotune skippable. 1/5.

16 In control: The beat kicks is somne melodic shit, the beats on this album more or less they keep the same vibe and i like that but in the case we are this one is average some guitar here and there mixed with a heavy bass with rolls of drums. Solomon rides the beat i think this dude can ride any beat has that new york feel 2'5/5

17 On my grizzly: The closer this is some dark futuristic beat, some eerie shit that solomon knows how to fuck with, i'm digging this beat is some modern wu sound, normaly we complain when an album has lots of features but with so many dope mc's in wu-tang and having this through wu music group he needed some cover because the album only for him is heavy, anyway that's only my though this beat has RZA all over it with some experimental shit this shit is hot good closer 5/5.

10-01-2009, 11:16 AM
This is for my reference of track 14 Eye for an eye: Another known sample fuck "what is this shit" (like the niggerian from friday 2 when he returns the broke cd lol).


10-01-2009, 05:39 PM
'Sometimes' isnt produced by RZA.


10-01-2009, 05:50 PM

Falling Down produced 'Sometimes', not RZA.


Drunken Monk
10-01-2009, 05:51 PM
'Sometimes' isnt produced by RZA.



10-02-2009, 08:23 AM
lol at what you got you dumb motherfucker, the credits ain't out yet and RZA promoted that track as it was made by him so shut the fuck up, go hate Cl2 or something and the get hated biatch!!! wack ass sub par killa bee groupie fruity loop producer

stone city
10-02-2009, 03:49 PM
Falling Down DID produce "Sometimes" and for whatever reason the initial credit was given to Rza but it has been cleared up between Fallin and Wu Music Group!

10-07-2009, 05:00 PM
Phantom of the Beats and Ayatollah ain't the same person neither. can't wait for this joint though, sounds real hot, good review.

06-03-2010, 06:04 PM
i found some more production credits for this album:

#2, 8 and 14 produced by James Russell Jr.