View Full Version : Monster...Beats by Dr.Dre

10-08-2009, 10:51 PM
I made a thread about these earlier in the year but I couldnt find it again. I finally ended up copping them tonight.


These things spit hot fire. Excellent noise canceling ability. If someones not yelling at you and your not looking at them you wouldn't know they were talking to you. Its got a nice mute function by pressing/holding the middle of the right ear piece. It comes with a couple different adapters for airplanes, stereo adapter, then ipod and iphone ones. The sound really is superb. They are definitely pricey at $300, but if you got the cash its well worth your purchase.

10-09-2009, 12:06 AM
i'd rather keep my $300.

10-09-2009, 12:45 AM
wish i had a job at best buy to be honest and was able to get their insane employee discount on em. but o well, life is short, id rather spend it on something i can use and enjoy for a long time then some useless forgettable bullshit.