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10-09-2009, 07:58 AM

Track# 1 The Intro (The 3rd Coming)

Track# 2 “Girl” a hard hittin’ thunderous bassline of a beat excellently composed by LES. The song revolves around the concept of crack-cocaine but rhyming as if one is referring to a lady. Produced by: LES

Track# 3 “Love Your Family” f/ Havoc Produced by Havoc: A smooth mellow type track made for those summer days and nights when your loungin’ with your family and friends. This song makes a good barbeque record. Or, even betta the song gives you that 64 tippin’ candy paint drippin’ cruising da down street kinda feel. The song is a positive song coming str8 from the mind’s Mega & Havoc. You definitely gonna wanna relax to this.

Track# 4 “Get It In” f/ Lil’ Fame Produced by Easy Mo Bee, this is a str8 up record for the streets aint no real pizzazz. Just that record to wild out too. The hook is tellin’ you to, “Get it in so Get it in” NIGGGAAA!!!

Track#5 “The Other Side” Produced by Lil’ Fame featuring live saxophone instrumentation. This is a different change for Cormega, it shows expansion in his artistic talent. According to Cormega he had gotten someone from the New York City subways to perform on this record. It turned out to be a Subway Performer who did an excellent job with the saxophone. This record may not be for the clubs or the streets but you can lounge in the crib with a shawty on your arm and a blunt in ur hand. Or just lounge and think, this is good thinking, relaxation kinda music. This track will blow ur mind. (LITERALLY!!)

Track#6 “Live and Learn” Produced by Pete Rock. This record started off kinda iffy at the beginning I wasn’t feelin’ the beginning of the track but once dat bass dropped I was like WHOA!!! This that real Pete Rock artifact dat we all love. This might be my favorite joint off the album and I’m not saying that cause its produced by Pete Rock. I’m saying it because IT’S HOT!

Track#7 “Make It Clear” Produced by Dj Premier According to Cormega he said he recorded this live here in D&D Studios so we got a FRESH record with a D&D STAMP OF APPROVAL! As we sit here in D&D Studios and view the record.

Track#8 “Journey” Produced by Large Professor Mega just hittin’ us headz with pure cut COKE-COCAINE RAP! This is a smooth track showing Cormega going back in time to his yester-years. Reminiscing of his days on the streets of Queens.

Track# 9 “Define Yourself” f/ Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc Produced by (Cormega neva announced the producer of the track) This song may not be the best song on the album but this song means sumthin’ to Cormega and every emcee cummin’ outta Queensbridge. According to Cormega, there will be a remix to this song featuring Nature.

Track# 10 “What Did I Do” Produced by Nottz I like the piano rub or piano keys swipe at the very beginning of the record then followed by a cymbal and a drum riff. That was a cool way to set off the track. This song is dedicated to all the haters. I might love this song not only for the production but for the concept as well. This song is REAL TALK cuz we all go thru hate everyday, allday. We experience hate from people we know and people we don’t know. We experience hate from people for no reason. So to all the haters out there this song is DEFINITELY FOR YOU! And to all my peeps that experience hate from other people next time someone is mad at you or hate you. You just simply ask, “WHAT DID I DO!!”

Track# 11 “Dirty Game” Produced by Dj Premier, this is a classic I love this track. This was previously released on the Cormega Presents Lake “My Brother’s Keeper” album. “A DAMN SHAME THE STREETS IZ A DIRTY GAME MY HEART STILL ROME IN THE STREETS!” Da bassline is sick, da beat is sick, da lyrics are sick DA WHOLE DAMN SONG IS SICKWIDDIT!!!

Track# 12 “One Purpose” This is just a str8 freestyle no music strictly acapella as Cormega spits a str8 16.

Track# 13 “Rapture” Produced by Ayatollah. That freestyle led us to this song produced by Ayatollah this song and maybe the only song on the album. I don’t really care what Cormega is spitting. I just wanna hear Ayatollah’s production, his tracks give you that I wanna git high or I just wanna git layed whip appeal to it. I would of prefer if Mega just left this track a str8 instrumental. (No Disrespect ‘Mega)

Track# 14 “Mega Fresh X” Produced by Buckwild Introduced by Red Alert Featuring PMD, Grand Puba, KRS 1 and Big Daddy Kane This is sum Cormega paying homage to the old school and thanking them for paving the way cuz without the old school none of us would be here. This sounds like a str8 up Buckwild track. This track was saved last for a reason. You always save the best for last and close the show out with a GRAND FINALE! THIS IS THAT NEW MILLENIUM SYMPHONY!!!!

That was pretty much it a solid 14 TRACK ALBUM that I'm looking forward too when it is released. However, these songs may not be for all ears. Cormega showed growth on this album. This is GROWN MAN RAP. When you hear this album it shows alot more lyricism than his past projects of Cormega but I think what really makes this album stand on top is the production. Beats from A-LIST PRODUCERS like Premo, Extra P, Hav, The Chocolate Boy Wonda, LES and my personal fav' Ayatollah. This album will be a must have, a must spin in the cars, the clubs, the radio and the mp3s.

This leaves the DR Period & Khrysis tracks. The only thing left scratching my head was who exactly produced Get It In because when the snippet of it was released the promo voice was saying "Get It In Produced By Lil' Fame For Promo Use Only"

10-09-2009, 08:47 AM
^^ yo props on this, shit is looking real serious but i'm not expecting anything less.

10-09-2009, 11:41 AM
can't wait for this classic