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10-10-2009, 10:40 PM
Yo house party was dope back in the day.... I like all 3 movies...yeah kid and play werent gangsta`s (and a bit sugery) but they were still fly in a comedic sorta way....


show your appreciation.


peace be with you

Uncle Steezo
10-11-2009, 12:06 AM
these and class act were hilarious.
kid n play were a dope group. it was a time when hip hop was fun. heavy d, for example, was a sick mc. he made a lot of sugary pop songs but that part of the hiphop spectrum was accepted and supported along with the conscious, grimey, gangster, and

10-11-2009, 05:07 AM
Yo house party was dope back in the day....
Correct. Its just too corny now.

10-14-2009, 04:56 PM
House party is quoted by me and my boys on a daily basis. Classic, just fucking classic

10-14-2009, 05:55 PM
Got the boxset.

Pretty funny.

10-14-2009, 07:44 PM
the first two were dope , i thought the 3rd one was kinda corny . but they classic non the less

10-17-2009, 05:52 AM
Part 3 was the dopest.

10-17-2009, 01:29 PM
All 3 are good but the first one and the last one are the best. Bernie Mac had me rolling in the last one. Remember when he said to that black woman that was Reynaldo Rey's wife, now i know where i remember you from? They used to call you lockjaw because you sucked a mean dick back in the day hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Reynaldo said hey don't be talking about my ho like that hahahahahahahahahaha. She said who you calling a ho? LOL. There was some cute women in the last one such as r&b group TLC, Kellita Smith(she was Bernie Mac's wife on his tv show), the woman who was Kid's wife(she was also a crackhead in Friday movie with Ice Cube). Tisha Campbell was looking good in the last one even though she had a small part. Tisha looked good in the first one LOL. Robin Harris was so funny in the first one. I miss him.

10-20-2009, 11:14 AM
Correct. Its just too corny now.

i watched all 3 in a row recently, and believe me, they still are dope movies, a little corny, but hey Kid N Play were a little corny, fuck it...

Robin Harris and Martin Lawrence rocked it in the first one
Kamron & Queen Latifah was good in the 2nd one - thats a BIG right hand she throws at Iman

3rd one kinda let me down a little, but hey, shit was still funny

10-26-2009, 10:53 PM
good to see some love for the classic`s.

peace be with you !