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09-24-2005, 01:47 PM
If I could take it all, If I could be a king or a god,

Build nation with mirage foundations, for making cake and,

Then break, the many states and divide em with my estate,

But if my plan goes bananas ima become an ape,

The gates to big to climb, towers over the mind,

So Ima jacka shovel and dig me a gold mine, behind

the cloak of nighttime the winds under the ground,,

Under dogs and over time, recline and shoot a nerf gun at the globe,

Which ever joint my darts hit then Ima swiftly roam, strictly own,

Build a catacomb with devil bones and call it home, alone, on my

Level of thought and prone to blow, the truth to be known is that nitroglecene

Laced my chromosomes and soul, No no no, I couldn’t leave power and alone,

And so I zone to the phone gathering loans for my connections,

Till I get stressed and use those dead presidents in elections,

Rig em with mob blessings and have em govern your section or sector,

So Zeus and I drink the same nectar, same potion under pressure, mix

Nectar with the oceans, In a concoction so potent it shows my soul is

Eroding, vain exploded, terrain and shakes brain covered in corrosions,

Now im hungover off the flowing, holdin chromo microphones’n,

Putting the proof im the boldest in your VCR,

Using your ashes as my power when I bitch slap your god,

Rewind the tape powder flew back into the palm,

Palm flew of his jaw, ash turned back to cinder,

Cinder in the flesh, flesh back from the death,

Death back to breath, as you lie in a blood mess,

Chrome plated microphone flew right out of your chest,

Right back to my hands to rest as rocky drops ya,

That’s when I sorta, double clicked fast forward,

And told em that the nigga Du-Roc comes proper.

Tell me if lyrically this versus would be able to make it on any of the classics, Illmatic, Ready To Die, ect. and not get blown up. I say so cause im makin a CD and I'm aiming for classic quality cause that's my steez. Try to rate and critize it too, i need to know were I stand with this one. (Du-Roc, rocky ect. are my MC names btw.)

09-25-2005, 01:09 AM
what kind of dumbfuck would post THIS in the "sound-shack" section

Jabba Jaw
09-25-2005, 06:36 AM

09-25-2005, 07:28 PM
haven't ever heard of him, btw, is this the right section