View Full Version : Sean Price - Kimbo Price is fucking DOPE!!! + (shitty-review)

10-27-2009, 11:45 AM
i cant fucking wait for mic tyson....kimbo price is a fucking killer mixtape. ive heard genereal releases that sound wwwaaayyyy worse the this. I posted this as a new thread since it has a mini-review

here's what i thought of the tracks -

ruckdown - dope intro track

godfather pt 2 - really dope beat and the fucking chorus is soooooo sick:

It's the G.O.D
Father Ya'll P
P Body, hit nines at parties
dezzy on my hip, my chick, an nice bling
drama we bring, ayo thats a small thing

i know the words aint all right but it's been stuck in my head for DAYS!!!! just wish it was longer (just like pyrex vision,lol)

Goodnite - the tune is a bit weak but seans verse is dope as usual.

Abortion - The tune is a tad flashy and seans rhymes arent that great.

TKO - nice slow beat which is rza'esque. im sure raekwon spat over this beat too. seans verse is ok but nothing special it's very visualistic.

Car Thiefs - This track is fucking dope. sean spits some killer rhymes on this like: "I'm Sean price, and you not, Big bullets to big guns from big shots"..it's so simple but effective.

Megasean - I'd say this is too laid back for the mixtape.

Boost - ok track but the ringing shit does my head in on this track.

Bars of death - decent track with a big band music sample. seans verses are aight on this.

Pork chops - complete piss-take track,lol "I LIKE FRIED TATTERS" hahahaha

Get Ya Sket Mic - another KILLER track, sean absolutely kills this track and is the way ya wanna hear sean spit!

Bueno Times - another laid back track that could easily fir into OB4CL2. seans verse is still dope on this

Hot - i aint feeling this track at all

Street Shit - dope laid back beat which doesnt really deliver sean impressive rhymestyle

This Is Us - sean goes back to some his older rhymestyles but it's a good :b track i think

Weed & Hoes - this is quite an upbeat track and sean is ok on it

Slum Shady Skit - just 'hahahahahaha'

Mamma i want to sing - dope beat, quotable line "I'm the last king of scotland"hahaha

all in all i say you peep this mixtape while ya wait for mic T.

props sean on another solid gold release..if ya wanna discuss or tell us your impressions on the album then drop it in here

11th Chamber
10-27-2009, 04:22 PM
I wasent impressed at all by it. I got much higher hopes for the album

10-27-2009, 05:02 PM
I have yet to hear it but I'll review it when I do.

10-27-2009, 05:37 PM
i think its tight as fuck. i really think its a lyrically driven mixtape and there really is no weak verses from P.
my only thing is most of the other cats who rock with him (with the exception of royce, rock & buck) cant hold a candle to price. they just come off weak on a track with him.

Poetic Wun
10-27-2009, 05:58 PM
word up^
i thought this was decent but im hype mic tyson.
it has eh beats i think but thats always been his issue imo.
hes too nice to be on the level hes on

10-31-2009, 11:25 AM
Kimbo Price is the name of Sean's new mixtape? I haven't heard it. I'm a member of Duck Down records website but i don't check out their website that often to see what new mixtapes and albums the Boot Camp Click are putting out. Sean's new album is gonna be called Mic Tyson? Sean got skills but i didn't like his solo albums because of the beats but Boom Bye Yeah song is my shit. What's the name of that song on Monkey Bars album that has the word onion in the title? I like that song. He had a video for that with another song that was produced by 9th Wonder at the beginning of the video. Main Man, you bugging if you think Sean is better than Buckshot.