View Full Version : Who killed it??: RuDopeDap-N-Noyd (LARGE PRO)

10-31-2009, 06:48 AM
i remember many people didn't realize this was one song featuring 3 MC's over 3 different beats when "Main Source" first leaked but i love the concept (in the same vein as 'I'm The Man' and 'Speak Ya Clout'). Been bumping the "Main Source" album alot the last few days and this shit is mad nice, never understood why people was dissapointed in it. it's clearly alot better than "1st Class" and the good ol' professor really did a great job balancing the vintage old-school sound with fresh boom-bap steez. anyway cast your vote (also what beat do you think is the illest)?

Part 1: Jeru The Damaja

Part 2: Lil' Dap

Part 3: Big Noyd