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The Dramatics are a 70's r&b group from Detroit. My father is a fan of their's and i'm a fan also. My dad has several of their albums. My dad has their album Do What You Wanna Do that came out in 1978. On the album cover, it shows The Dramatics inside a elevator and a black woman gets on the elevator and their facial expressions are funny because they think she's hot. Well anyway inside the album sleeve pictures, each Dramatics member has taken a picture with her separately being sexually intimate with her hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I've never seen nothing like this before with album pictures. You can almost see this woman's titty in one picture because one of the group members is kissing on it LOL. The picture is kinda dark but the group member that's kissing on her titty has her leaning down and she has her hand on his chest while he's leaning down to kiss her titty. You can also almost see her ass naked in one picture because the lead singer L.J. Reynolds is taking off her dress. It also looks like in another picture that she's about to suck one of the group members dick because she's down on the floor unzipping his pants hahahahahaha. On the back of the album, the picture shows her walking outta the elevator and The Dramatics are all laid out because it looks like she put it on them hahahahahahahahahaha. The black woman does have a nice body and she's kinda cute.

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lmao i wanna see that shit

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Yeah that's the album cover. Notice how the woman has her hand over her pussy because a couple of the singers Willie Ford, L.J. Reynolds and Ron Banks are looking at it because you can tell by their facial expressions hahahahahahahahahahahaha. KaramelSundae, i wish you could post the pictures on the album sleeve because those are the ones ya'll need to see LOL. I don't know why old albums like this aren't released on cd. In order to see the album pictures, you're gonna have to buy it. Musicstack.com has it because they sell a lot of old albums that aren't available on cd. I met L.J. Reynolds son at a family reunion cookout in Detroit when i went there in 2001. He's dating my cousin. He looks just like L.J and he has L.J.'s smile. L.J. has a very good voice. He's a underrated singer. He does gospel music now but i think he still does concerts with The Dramatics.

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i couldn't find it

i love the dramatics

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Have you heard Do What You Wanna Do album? It's alright. There's a few songs on there i like such as Why You Wanna Do Me Wrong, Disco Dance Contest, California Sunshine, Jane, I Want You. I like their albums Shake It Well(Scarface sampled That Heaven Kind Of Feelin song on here for his song Heaven on The Fix album and Destiny's Child sampled Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams for their Girl song on their last album)and Any Time Any Place(AZ sampled Love Birds song for the first song on his AWOL album that i forgot the song title but he speeded up the sample. I guess that's a good way of not letting old r&b singers hear their music being sampled so the rappers won't have to pay for the sample LOL). Those are my favorite albums by them. They did a album called Somewhere In Time and i think it came out in 1985 or 1986. They got a jam on there called Show Me What You Got but the rest of the album isn't that good. They also did a good love song in 1994 i believe called Try Love Again but the album never came out. I remember that song got played on urban radio station a lot here in Cleveland. Props to Snoop Dogg for having them sing on his hit song Doggy Dogg World. They also sang on a song called Ballin on his Paid The Cost To Be The Boss album.

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Redman also sampled a little bit of The Dramatics Get Up Get Down song at the beginning of Time 4 Sum Axsion song when that dude is hollering. Black Moon also sampled Get Up Get Down on Total Eclipse album and LL Cool J sampled it on Ain't No Stoppin This song on 14 Shots To The Dome album. M.O.P. also sampled it on one of their songs on Marxmen Cinema mixtape.

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One of the group members Lenny Mayes died awhile back. I forgot what he died of.

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is eminem from detroit?

Mumm Ra
11-16-2009, 10:26 PM
the dramatics are dope as hell
"whatcha see is whatcha get" is my top 5 songs of all time, any genre