View Full Version : Zapp And Roger Troutman Documentary Is Coming On TV One's Unsung

11-15-2009, 01:41 PM
Zapp documentary is coming on Unsung next Sunday at 8pm. I can't wait to see this because i'm a Zapp and Roger fan. They're from my hometown state of Ohio but they're from Dayton i believe. Roger was tragically killed by his brother Larry and i don't remember why he was killed. I think i remember reading that they were arguing over money and that's what led to his death. So sad to hear that news. Roger was a funk legend and he was the first to use a voicebox. Fuck that wack ass dude T-Pain because these dumb black youngsters think he was the first to use a voicebox. He ain't got shit on Roger. Roger has made more classics than his bitch ass. Even Teddy Riley also used a voicebox but most people don't know that. Much props to the rappers who sampled Zapp's music and had Roger appear on some of their songs like 2Pac and Dr Dre's California Love song. He also appeared on H-Town's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate song for A Thin Line Between Love And Hate movie with Martin Lawrence, Bobby Brown, Lynn Whitfield, Regina King.

11-17-2009, 12:03 AM
Doooooooooope. I don't know much on Zapp but I'd love to watch this.

12-05-2009, 01:12 PM
I saw the documentary a few weeks ago and it was good. His brother Larry shot him 4 times. The documentary never said why he killed him. Larry killed himself also. I guess he couldn't face his family for killing Roger and that's probably why he killed himself. LOL@Roger has 12 kids and he was never married hahahahahahahahahahaha. Roger's son is named Larry and his son said that when he found out Larry killed his dad, he wanted to change his name. It was interesting to find out that Roger and his siblings started a construction company to build homes in their neighborhood for low income black families. That was nice of him that he cared about people in his neighborhood. He also had his own recording studio. Roger and his group members didn't do drugs, didn't smoke cigarettes and didn't drink alcohol. That's unheard of for a entertainer.