View Full Version : LIQUID SWORDS!! Guidelines for challenges here

09-26-2005, 03:28 PM
1. Dont even attempt to challenge anyone until you have voted at least twice in previous threads. ( If you dont invest the time to read and vote I will erase your thread. Lack of participation can kill threads )

2. All challanges will be made in the Last Drink ( after this we shall become sworn enemies ) Sticky Thread. Then PM the opponent so they can respond in the LAST DRINK thread with a simple YES, ENGARDE, DRAW, ETC...

3. When someone is challanged in the title PM them (like "MC So and So Vs. [u}The Mic Killer[/u]" ) They should reply only. No one else. If they dont reply in a week i'll erase the Thread.

4. Once a Challenge is accepted the Challenger will make a new thread with some basic rules such as: At least 3 verses each and the challenger must go first. ( You can add-on to this guide line )

5. If the thread is just a call out ( like "Who wanna step") then whoever spits first gets the battle. nobody else replies. If someone else does i'll erase your Reply

6. If you challange someone and they decline Its Over!!! Do Not try and persuade them with numerous challenges.

7. PM BIGBEN AND I'LL POST VOTE IN THE TITLE . ONCE THERE IS " VOTE " IN THE TITLE VOTE! GET WITH IT, PEOPLE! ( Do not post a vote until the battle is complete. also, just voting with out any reason is SUSPECT so quoting lines with a VOTE usually works best )

So grab ya Axes, Hatchets, Swords, Sai's, Ninja Stars, Maces, Spiked Bat,s Grenades,
Sawed Offs, Tech's, 9mm's, Staff's, Crossbows etc...


09-26-2005, 03:30 PM
how'd u remember all that shit? specially the last part