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1. The Mother Plane is made of the finest steel in Asia.

2. It was made on the Island of Nippon (Japan) in 1929, and also took flight that same year.

3. Black, Brown, Red and Yellow Scientists built the Mother Plane.

4. The Scientists did not know what they were building.

5. Her size is Half-mile by Half-mile square.

6. Her shape is oval.

7. Her speed is up to 9,000 miles per hour.

8. Her flying ability is nine thousand (9,000) miles per hour in any direction, up or down, to or fro, in any direction without making a complete directional turn.

9. Her contents are 1,500 small circular planes, as the devil calls them, "FLYING SAUCERS."

10. These small planes carry three (3) bombs each, they also shoot flames of fire.

11. The Black men who pilot these small planes have been taught from the age of six that they are to do a special job.

12. These pilots can hit any spot in America, blindfolded, as the Devil will soon see.

13. The bombs that the small planes contain weigh two tons each.

14. They are designed to drill into the Earth upon contact, and drill from one (1) to six (6) miles through stone and rock, and to explode, destroying civilization or any living matter (or life) within a fifty (50) mile radius.

15. After these bombs explode, a poisonous gas is found to snuff out the remaining life, if any still exists.

16. The purpose of the Mother Plane is to destroy the most wicked place ever to be on the planet Earth at any time (America, the Great Mystery Babylon).

17. Her position is 40 miles out from the Earth's sphere.

18. She holds this position from 6 to 12 months at a time. When this time is up, the Mother Plane comes into the atmosphere to take in fresh air for our Brothers inside, then she retakes her position.

19. At the dropping of the bombs, the flames will reach twelve (12) miles, in all directions.

20. When the destruction comes, America will burn 310 years (http://www.finalcall.com/MLFspeaks/destruction.html) and take 690 years to cool off. The Great Mystery Babylon (America) will perish in the flames of fire. Allah will even cause the air which we breathe to ignite along with the atmosphere. Every atom will burn in and over America from a height of twelve (12) miles down.

The country of America will be littered with leaflets from the sky, with readings like this; "You have from eight (8) to ten (10) days to return unto your own. The time of this world is at hand." The leaflets will be written in both English and Arabic, so God (Allah) taught me. After the warning from the sky will follow total destruction by the intense heat of fire.

And you such people who love America, where lying, drinking, gambling, raping, lynching, burning, stealing, robbing, disrespect of person and persons, nail painting, face painting, swine eating, public nude resorts, nude colonies, nudie newspapers and magazines, nude church-goers, and profane language, will serve as fuel for the fire. For I declare by Him Who made the Sun, Moon and Stars and the Habitable Earth for His home. By Whom everything was Created and HImself not Created, from infinite eternity, All is is His name and He will destroy every [devil] from the face of the Earth in the near future.

COMMENT: Again, the key words "flying roll" appear which is an adequate description for the scout ships (Circular Planes) that are aboard the Mother Ship. The ignorant will say that the second verse should be taken on face value. But this is impossible, since the measurements of this "flying roll" is given by the Prophet. . . the length thereof is twenty cubits." (Note: one (1) cubit is an ancient linear measure of about 18 inches, according to the dictionary). Since one (1) cubit is 18 inches, twenty (20) cubits equal 360 inches, or thirty (30) feet, which is the length of this "Flying Roll." ". . . and the breadth thereof is ten (10) cubits;" ends the second verse. Ten cubits equal 180 inches (15) feet which is the width of this "flying roll."

Hence, there is Zachariah, Chapter 5:1-2, we are told of a "Flying Roll" which is THIRTY FEET long and FIFTEEN FEET wide. This is a near perfect description of one of Allah's Circular Planes.

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i'm very sorry but this is the second dumbiest thing i've read in my life after everything that is related to one or another race being supreme.
no offense. maybe i'm just ignorant muhfucka, but that's the way i am (1929?! oh please!!!)

Soul Controller
09-26-2005, 05:07 PM
take the lesson as metaphors

its not about the literal translation

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They invent lies against Allah.

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Good read. I feel ya on that knahmean?


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lmao they think this is impossible

09-26-2005, 07:32 PM
Hey you can believe what you want and i didnt say it was not possible - what part of it do you think i think is not possible? I said some of those statements are a lie against God- if you want proof from other sources you can see it. Peace

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lmao these people never change

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Fear tactics will not convert me, If I'm going to believe in something, I'm going to believe in it in my heart, not because I'm scared of what will happen to me if I don't. I'd rather die in crazy ass hell flames and shit than be a coward who believes in nothing.

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huh ?!?

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I was reading the whole "Destruction of America Thing", the guy goes on for like 50 paragraphs about how fucked America is, than at the end he's like "MAKE SURE YOU GOT TO CHURCH!!!"

It just seems very "Convert to Islamish"

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he said go to church ?

church and islam ?

lmao some folks is wild

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But if you are in the church, you better make the church right because Judgment is going to begin at the so-called house of God. Wherever you are, you are going to have to clean it up. Whatever we are doing that we know is wrong, we must straighten it out. But if you don't it's on you.
You postin alien stories and you callin us wild.

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aliens ?

lol get some sleep young man this is too much for you to handle

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I'll post some real knowledge up here that will be way too much for YOU too handle. Did you even research this? Or do you just take everything your told as truth, because Hon. Muhammad said so. Rediculous, everythings black and white, what about the Latino's, the Indians, Asians, Native Americans, ...etc. And this guy has the nerve to say black people suffered worse than Native Americans! WOW thats a kicker.

Post reasonable facts, sources, research... not just Hon. Elijah Muhammads word. I don't know him, I have just as little reason to trust him as I do the pope.

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you ok man ?

don't bust a blood vessel up in here yo

and who said anything about black people suffering more than their native brothers in america ?

i see that you like to ramble on with words

i posted some words
i never said i believe whats written here
i post them for discussion
yet you judge me like you know me
slow don young man its not that serious

btw grow up and learn how to communicate intelligently maby you'll learn something here

oh but wait
your just trying to cause chaos here
oh ok i see now
keep it moving

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and who said anything about black people suffering more than their native brothers in america ?

and the natives of this land didn't not have their whole identity erased they were not programmed to be animals like black folk they got massacred and robbed
they were never taught to be savage
they still have their tribal names
their dress
and culture

all of that and more was taken from black folks

09-27-2005, 05:05 AM
I was discussing intelligent comments until you started getting stand-offish, calling me wild and a little kid and shit. Maybe if you stated your opinion on the subject matter instead of just posting it I would've had a reasonable angle on your intentions.

If you cease your bullshit, I'll cease mine.

Black people were enslaved, Indians had to deal with a mass genocide and robbery, plus their whole continent was conquered and taken away from them. Imagine if America was to just go and take over Africa right now, kill off almost the whole population, rape the women, sell the children, and the remainder were placed in small areas that were virtually useless and sentenced to live out the rest of their generations in poverty. How would that make you feel? Black people are slowly regaining power from being enslaved. Little to no Native Americans have escaped the social trap that America set in place for them. Reservations are like 3rd world countries. I live in a Ghetto and I've been to Prison, both of which I'd rather live than on a reservation.

Fatal Guillotine
04-21-2012, 01:47 PM
lmao they think this is impossible


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why wouldn't we deserve this

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its "flying SCROLL" btw