View Full Version : The "Somebody pay these muthafuckas!" thread

09-27-2005, 05:59 AM
You got a lot of real ppl on this fucked up planet that deserve to have a better life, just for being so damn good, nahmsayin... i'm gonna start w/ some dope broke MCs :)

first, Jeru the Damaja: now this kid is fuckin broke.... a damn shame.... after releasing at least one classic album "The Sun Rises In The East" in 1994, he still hasn't made one cent. peace and much love for keepin it real


oh yea, Cappa... i hear he's still strugglin... he may have fucked up a little street cred with that Yin and Yang album, but he's still allright. peace


oh... y'all know about Megalon? he's been down since the 80s.. relasing a dope underground album "The Master of Meta4s" in 1990.... i think he's still behind bars for sellin crack or whateva.... dope album out "A Penny For Your Thoughts"....

yall can see letters for the fans he wrote in prison on that MF Doom site


The Rhyme Inspector Percee P....

what the fuck can i say..... personally, i consider him the greatest MC of all time.... rappin since 1979, still keepin it TOO real.... about to release "Perseverence" on Stones Throw. ONE LOVE


i'll add some more later... don't forget about the already world famous New Orleans looter :) that muthafucka deserves a fortune.

09-27-2005, 09:08 AM
i can say the same about Poetic (RIP) he had one of the illest flows and i think he was never appreciated enough. and very original lyrics...