View Full Version : Wet, Fatal Inertia & Invincible Tiger?

Poetic Wun
12-14-2009, 05:55 PM
so i was going thru the trailers of some games and these 3 caught my attention.

Wet seems like an alright game, i would expect the controls to be a lil weird but with a decent back story and a nice level setup and i think it could be an ill game...

Fatal Inertia caught my attention cause i love that game Hydro Thunder... i cant seem to find that game but this seems like a close parallel...

Invincible tiger looks like a dope arcade game with some illy kung-fu panda art but looks like the game aint that long...

what im getting at is these games sparked my attention... buuut i've never played them and was wondering if anyone can recomend any of these or let me know if they ain't worth investing in.

i never really heard much about them so i can assume they weren't that great but aint nobody around my way knows anything about them so i haven't a clue.

can anyone help me out here?

12-15-2009, 07:42 AM
I never played Fatal Inertia but it seems like Wipeout so it should be good.

Wet is a steaming pile of shit, check out the demo before you buy it because you might think it's good. I'd recommend Stranglehold over it though