View Full Version : Let me introduce myself

12-16-2009, 04:16 PM
Im the one who rose the set so dont you forget. Bad for your health but you still be tryin to push buttons, but you aint nothin! no frontin!. I bring the level up a little louder. in the clubs, in the jeeps, in the after hours. Fools on the street wanna feel the funk, lookin for the skunk thats what you want. You better, sit back and let the track flow like smoke in your lungs from puffin on the indo. Rhythms upside your brain. Can you hang? can you maintain? can you feel the funk flowing in your veins? Get your fix in a bag of tricks. In the mix I got the sticks and stones, a few bricks. Im gonna hit em high, hes gonna hit em low, open up your mind so that you can feel the flow. On and on til your long gone.Folks be runnin,but they wont last long.