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12-16-2009, 11:08 PM
Im looking for a Dr. Dre mix with a retrospective of his career ( production wise ), is there anyone around?


12-26-2009, 11:45 AM
Just buy The Chronic and Chronic 2001 albums. That's all you need from him. I wish you could hear the wack shit he did before he got with NWA. He used to be with a wack group called World Class Wreckin Crew and him and the group members wore gay clothes LOL. DJ Yella of NWA was also in the group. I bought 2 old albums from him before he got with NWA called Back N The Day and Concrete Roots. Those albums are so shitty because of the wack beats. Have you seen the gay picture of him inside of Eazy E's It's On 187 Um Killa album? When i first saw that picture, i was like where did Eazy E get this from. I didn't even know Dre was with another group before he got with NWA. I was laughing at that gay picture of him. I don't even know why Dre would wear gay clothes like that.

You gotta hear Luke's Cowards In Compton song dissing Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. That song is so funny. My boy JT Money of Poison Clan raps on Cowards In Compton. At the beginning of the song, Luke says i'm gonna let niggas rip ya'll gay ass muthafuckas LOL. Snoop ass ho ass dog ass nigga hahahahahahahahahahaha. Dre you ain't nothing but my bitch LOL. I'm a make you my bitch cause you look like you can suck a nigga's dick LOL. Ho ass muthafucka LOL. At the end of the song, Luke says have you ever got head on stage nigga? LOL. I get head from your muthafucking ho on stage LOL. You let the bitch be in the audience cause i'm a take that pussy LOL. You old pussy ass ho ass nigga hahahahahahahahahahaha. You ho ass nigga LOL. You my bitch bitch LOL.