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12-17-2009, 04:02 PM
New Wu

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...part II

Ghostface Killah
Method Man





What up son?, maintainin’, maintainin’, you know?
You good, right? Everything proper, still, right?
Come on, man, what's the matter wit you, man?
Ain't nothing, I just want us to be on


(Method Man)

Tell a friend, its that symbol again, that W
Coming through, bust a shot on your block, give me a suuu *suuuuuuu!*
Get it right, all my chicks hold ya tits, let's get it in
All my niggaz take a toke off this weed, let it begin
*Here we go*, yo, y’all already know what it do
Brand new, nigga, back from the slums, it be the Wu
*Now throw ya W's up*
Back from the slums, it be the Wu


Love to dress a lab, get rocked, hundred bags, black durags
Ski masks is on, g-rags
Don't try to take pictures,
Relax, still in the grass
You'll learn respect, *gunshot* just wanna ask
Rhyme master busy, wizzy on the subject, love Deck
Thug battle drug vets, snub sets, iller than most
Night time tokes, gorillas in boats, three votes
Bill is his killa, gangstas flip notes
Hibernation yo, switch up, liver nation, fly information
Vivid vacation, deliberation moments
Move like 91 Romans, cloning everythin’
Gents only, the rents on the stove, I'm in Rome
Maxed out, Amex style, my team brand bandits
Make a move and get blown off the planet, baby
Hold that cannon, just understand we got the whole shit padlocked down, My niggaz won't have it


(Ghostface Killah)

Ayo, jumpin’ out of Benz wagons, my family live in the Hill
They call us Bin Ladens, laughing, turbaned up
Faggot niggaz get murdered up, these streets is like radio beef
So watch how the kid turn it up
Bulletproof tuxes, snuggle gauges clobbering busters
Eighteen niggaz is bringing the ruckus
Flame throwers on our backs and shoulders, the rusty joints still work
The trey eight'll blow one of your dojos
When it's mad heat, I'm mad calm, walk around
Go collect 36 over four G ball
My inner strength flowing, I mastered chi kung
Y’all Planet of the Apes, standing next to King Kong
Forensic file, ultraviolet hype, sky blue vials
Laying niggaz like ceramic tiles
I'm like Urlacher, beasting at the top of the pile
Kneeing niggaz in the nuts, nigga, damn I'm foul


(Method Man)

We blow money, got game, hungry, we pop things
Look for me, grams in my pocket, Chef cook for me
Blue Magic bundles, I'm dope, but on the humble
I'm a good dude, don't short change me, see that's our hood through
Beer drinkin', Cuban Linkin’, new way of thinkin’
Got me thinkin’, Meth, break the handcuffs, run out the precinct
This is hard body, hard knocks, if you pushing that hard rock
Then let these niggaz go off top
We rock fitted, drop kitted, I live it and not quit it
I pitch it, my pops sniffed it, mean business, I'm not finished
I'm *sniff* too hot wit it, you bitching, the plot thicken
I'm shittin’, the glock spittin’, if niggaz don't stop snitchin’
Just what the block missin’, the two-seater wit the top missin’
And two divas wit the tops missin’
Now that's livin’ to me, I'm what these kids is killin’ to be
But I don't want my children to be…


12-17-2009, 04:04 PM
One of the best of the new century, no doubter, classic.

12-18-2009, 12:47 PM
i dont understand all the love for this track. Its a dope track, everyone comes correct and the beat is nice but there are much better tracks on that album such as Gihad or Kiss The Ring.

Nice track nonetheless.

12-18-2009, 01:47 PM
This was the first track leaked from CL2, and its a RZA beat, so there is a lot of love for it. People were listening to this thing for months before the album dropped. Meth steals the show on this one, but Ghost is not to be outdone.

More importantly, this track perfectly closes Act I of the album. The perfect combo of Black Mozart, Gihad, and New Wu, really takes you into the more mature feeling of the album. Less fire, more heat, if that makes sense.

Although to be fair, its hard to skip to this track when HoFD is basically the exact same thing, only better :P

12-20-2009, 03:37 PM
classic no doubt

12-22-2009, 08:55 PM
in time this will end up being a classic imo. track is hard so its a banger 4 now

12-22-2009, 08:59 PM
Some tracks are instant classics, I believe this is one.

12-22-2009, 09:07 PM
ye i feel u but time changes music and after time u can decipher tru classic material

12-23-2009, 11:54 AM
This has been in constant rotation for me ever since Funk Flex leaked it. The beat is vintage Wu with dope verses from Rae, Ghost n Meth, with Meth stealing the show on this one.

12-23-2009, 12:15 PM
This the type shyt that gets bumped heavy in the truck.

01-18-2010, 04:57 PM
words up.