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12-18-2009, 09:04 PM
The old Newtonian model of physics was all but reduced to a historical novelty almost two centuries ago when James Clerk Maxwell proposed a new model called hyperdimensional physics. It percolated among several other physicists of the time and it's probably the best unified field theory ever set forth by a specialized scientist. Unfortunately, subsequent physicists butchered Maxwell's concepts and equations almost beyond recognition and sadly it is this neutered version of his exciting physics that has been propagated in Western universities ever since.

I'm no mathemetician but HD physics basically says that our physical dimension is the subset of higher dimensions and thus their energy filters down into our reality, kind of like an electromagnetic waterfall or something. This may explain, for instance, why some planets like Neptune emit three times the amount of energy that they receive from the sun. Nikola Tesla seemed to be operating from the HD model in order to manifest some of the remarkable innovations that have since lent him something of a cult status among those in the know. HD physics says that energy is limitless and that antigravity is more than possible, which makes you wonder why we're still using fuel-based transportation technologies that are supposedly creating an "energy crisis".

Enter Richard Hoagland. He used to work for CBS when the whole illusionary US/Russia lunar trackmeet ("who's gonna get there first?!?") was going on back in the 60s, but he wound up exposing NASA with his hard-hitting tour-de-force Dark Mission and to this day he's still blowing their spot in a major way. He's one of the main proponents of HD physics, bringing Maxwell's work back into the limelight while demonstrating how this knowledge has been kept hermetically under wraps by NASA and the black op community for quite some time now. (imagine how the social hierarchy would be upset if these technologies were made public...)

Besides all that, Hoagland and David Wilcock feel like HD physics has A LOT to tell us about what's going to happen in 2012 and they're doing some serious Sherlock sleuthing to figure out how. So with all that being said check out some of this ultra-cool stuff for your self to get a heightened understanding of it:


and this is a great Hoagland interview done recently with Project Camelot (you can find some Coast-to-Coast stuff from him on youtube as well):


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yo, i know someone in here has either heard about this or is intrigued by the concept...this subject matter will really get you open!