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Knowledge God
12-20-2009, 06:39 PM
* contains verses created using Canibus' Poet Laureate Infinity vocals.
Words are chopped up and rearranged to create our own unique verses.


Shan51 and Knowledge God present Swine PLOO.


01 - Heavenly Glory
02 - The Agenda
03 - Swine PLOO
04 - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
05 - Invisible Thread

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?vrmyml4tyyo


Canibus (PLOO) - Swine PLOO by S.51 and KG

Track 1 - Heavenly Glory

[Intro: Bruce Lee sample from 'Enter The Dragon']
Kick me. Kick me.
What was that, an exhibition?
We need emotional content. Try again!
I said "emotional content." Not anger! Now try again! With me!
That's it! How did it feel to you?
(Let me think)
Don't think. FEEL.
It's like a finger pointing away to the moon.
Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of the heavenly glory!

My rhymes will break your beat, and my fist will bust ya teeth
My mind will make you weak then I stamp you to defeat
Assassin to the enemy using military weaponry
I sat there laughing, drinking blood of the last Captain
Nuclear-proof truth when I let it rip in the booth
Present possible futures computed by deep blue computers
Special Black-Op troops wearing special Black-Op boots
Holding building-sized shooters, I will take care of you
More lyrical litres than the worlds largest ocean
4 citadel theatres made from Hip Hop devotion
Canibus secret device gave eternal life to Christ
The page ripped from the Bible and was buried in the ice
Painting invincible visuals on the Vatican tapestry
Spray audible syllables practice lyrical Mastery
Tossing coins on humanity, I believe in fate
Soldiers in Iraq in the field searching for the StarGate
The star-system Sirius, I am dead serious
If I do not make it off this planet I will be forever murderous
You cannot begin to ever understand who I am
Professor Bis, mad-man, mad-man, mad-man

Those with weak bars get blasted through the heart
And fly across the street like a shooting star
The sheep squadron get mauled by KG
Me and 51 will eat lamb chops for tea
Out of Body gets bodied and tossed to the lions
There's no way the thick bitch will ever reach Zion
Force my dick down your throat and my finger in your ass
And before I get crabs you get left in the trash
Your mixes melt after a week like Jack Frost
My rhymes travel time like the island in 'Lost'
I can walk on the Moon without space suit
And fuck a squid bitch if her face looks cute
Left brain damaged from my song's radiation
"I need to be alone" is my gun's explanation
I swim everyday to increase the lung's maturation
I'm creating sound waves like a bombs detonation
I'll battle any and all in every street brawl
Tackle you to the floor and kill you with a beach ball
I gathered the evidence, I think I need more
what the fuck's the President got the Nobel Prize for?


[Intro: Aajonus Vonderplanitz]

Track 2 - The Agenda

Obsessive murder ritual, 10 slain individuals
Cataclysmic fucking criminals tryna stop my syllables
The rare battle miracle, equipped with an alien mineral
Rip The Jacker triggers the nuclear biochemical
Discovering undiscovered physics, hysterical lone soldier
Reciting layered lyrics, riding a ploo-nar Rover
My raw sound leave emcees buried in the ground
The sprayed rounds leave several million niggaz lay face down
The Hurricane in the brain drove the admiral insane
Better days never came I blame the thunder and the rain
Tunnel boring with worm-screw, martial law with curfew
Population control through man-made bird flu

[Chorus x2]
I look back on Venus
I look back on Mars
And I burn with the fire
Of ten million stars

You can call this Battle Rap as your skull is left cracked
Leave reptiles on they backs with rapid nuclear attacks
I straighten lazy eyes, water trees that go dry
And my consciousness so wide it knocks God out the sky
Poet Laureate Infinity is fighting to survive
There is strength in numbers, we gotta keep the art alive
My mouth is a Silo that spits atomic fireworks
The priest reads the bible as you are buried in the dirt
All your verses sound the same, your songs tossed down the drain
Crash into your thoughts in a plane. then send your corpse to St Germaine
Hang as a taxidermy next to the snakes and lizards
No reptile survives battling a Scouse wizard

[Chorus x2]
I look back on Venus
I look back on Mars
And I burn with the fire
Of ten million stars

My mind's tossed in the gas chamber by the Leadership
They tryna murder me 'cause I spit the truth to feed the kids

The invisible thread means that everything is connected
Images in my head provide ascended perspective

People walk in a daze like scarecrows searching for brains
Follow the amber road to find the Wizard St Germaine

Sometimes life feels laborious, sometimes life feels glorious
Bars made me notorious, I will always be victorious

[Chorus x2]
I look back on Venus
I look back on Mars
And I burn with the fire
Of ten million stars

[Outro: Aajonus Vonderplanitz]


Track 3 - Swine PLOO

[Intro: Aajonus Vonderplanitz]

(Niggaz'll Leave Your Blood Spillin In The Street)

The Skin Of A Great Bear, The Stare Is A Cold Glare
I Scream "Hip Hop Is Alive, I Will Unite It Everywhere"
Assigned To Assassinate All The Haters & All The Hate
Dancing With The Devils Daughter To Celebrate Your Dying Date
The Ungrateful Dead, My Head Is A Fully Loaded Weapon
My Mother Says I’m Crazy, Van Gogh Is A Close Second
Illuminated Speech Is Perfect, Rip Screech Through Verses
Bloody Cold Murder From The Masters Of The Plooniverses
Tying A Knot In The Van Allen Belt, That Is My Mission
And Make A Lasso, Capture You Then Throw You In A Prison
Make Your Crew Physically Sick, Whenever I Spit Shit
Everything Destroyed, Broken, Lyrical Full Clips
Driven Crazy By The Lyrics, Spirits & Rap Critics
Bombing The City Limits In Less Than Two Minutes
The Robot Marine Tear Through You Team Full Steam Like A Machine
Controlling My Heart, My Dreams & Everything In-Between
Corpses From The Gallow, Bodies Separate From The Marrow
Eating Skin & Carving Bones With A Stone To Make An Arrow
Drink Eternal Life Elixirs Harness Lyrical Fitness
I Do Not Spit A Rap, I Put The Spit Out Through The Mixes
Amplified Awareness, No Requirements For Purchase
Download These Verses, Find Your Own Higher Purpose
The Animal In Alcatraz, Attending A English Class
Increase The Vocabulary, wearing A Hockey Mask

[Chorus x2: S.51]
Inside My Mind You Will Find, So Many Lines, So Many Rhymes
Hip Hop Is Still Alive In The Hearts, Soul & Lives
Reversing The Laws Of Time, Creating Heaven In The Skies
Poet Laureate Will Prove It To You All In Due Time

I inject Swine Flu directly in my head
Then sneeze in your face until you wind up dead
Then grab the syringe and remove the sickness
Drink it rapid like a binge, my spit is the illest
When I bust I finger trigger a worldwide pandemic
The vaccination mixed with mercury is systemic
Created by Professor Bis with GlaxoSmithCline
I laugh as the effects of the poison destroy your mind
Do you want Swine Flu or the poisonous vaccination?
You made the wrong choice now you face termination
Dying in the dirt, buried in a mass grave
I urinate on the dead then covered the bodies in flames
I drill knowledge in brains to expand minds
like you got tombstoned on a massive landmine
My book of rhymes is kept in my submarine skull
Emcees read my mind and get their dreams mauled
And nothing can grill my time machine's hull
Your bloodline is killed by mechanical seagulls
Try to steal my bars like fat kids in sweet shops
Your hands will get chopped and tossed to feed sharks
Mr C and his A-Team save the enslaved Hip Hop
Create darts with spare parts and lift up the block
I write what I thinks on the wall of the Sphinx
My mind dives deeper than your ship when it sinks

[Chorus x2: S.51]
Inside My Mind You Will Find, So Many Lines, So Many Rhymes
Hip Hop Is Still Alive In The Hearts, Soul & Lives
Reversing The Laws Of Time, Creating Heaven In The Skies
Poet Laureate Will Prove It To You All In Due Time

[Outro: Aajonus Vonderplanitz]


Track 4 - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The power to control minds and feast on Infinity
The satchel of cold lines, make me beast lyrically
I hate stupid emcees that live on CC
They like to talk faeces, but the fools can't compete
I play football to increase my bodies mobility
My muscles are killing me but I crush players willingly
Red bull gives me I energy to bench press skyscrapers
Put thoughts to papers. turn you into weed vapours
Toss you down elevators, you come back each time
I repeat til haters spines are shaped like stop signs
Millions of tungsten darts tear through iron lungs
My rhymes melt your bars, swords chop crying tongues
My life is in the balance, everyday is a challenge
Devils with no manners get bled with a broke chalice
My heart broken by girlfriends, my pain never ends
I inject syringe with AIDS to exact my revenge
Standing on the shoulders of giants, ain't nothing above me
I'm an atheist with no soul and God still fucking loves me
We just animals in the woods hunting our next meal
Reproduce with love, keep life spinning like a wheel

The Chinese Dragon wings are broken inside the Devils Castle
Destroy everything by breathing fire, life is a bloody battle
Extraterrestrial brainwaves increase incredibly
My energy rules everything around me perpetually
Probably the greatest applied mind shine for all time
That is not dead which can eternally rhyme
The 4 elements of Hip Hop just got a new member
Poet Laureate was born on a clear day in December
Always battle hard, blast straight through a hundred guards
Rhyme for respect from the Gods in the Prison Camp yards
Storyboard scenes ripped to pieces in the Temple of dreams
Microphone fiend recycles the matter supreme
My rhyme style increase, skulduggery layered underneath
binaural beats I transform into a beast
When I’m rhyming the Poles shift, protect the world is my mission
Rip The Jacker spitting crazy amplifies every letter written
As we glide through the deep blue I hear sounds from beyond
A chorus-line of singing coral skulls mixed with whale song
The starseed on the grass, smiling, thanking Mother Gaia
Eyes dilated, heart racing, channelling another layer


Track 5 - Invisible Thread

[Intro: Mohinder Suresh from 'Heroes']

I was born on Mars, raised by the gods
Removed the light from the stars and buried my gold bars
In the dirt of planet Earth for all the Rippers to find
I've been cursed since birth but now I revive minds
To survive shifting poles, work together like shoals
With interconnected souls you gotta reach your goals
I live my life in fear that my dreams won't appear
We elevate out the sphere when the storm cloud's clear
Everything becomes clear floating above the atmosphere
I begin tossing spears at devils tryna stop careers
Atmospheric reentry looks like lightening strikes
Special agents hunt me but I hide for seven nights
Then I fuck a bunch of fake bitches praying for a face lift
Shape Shift like Agent Smith, before leaving the Matrix
I drink a lot of beer to reduce the stress dramatically
Then swim the galaxy with a star on the back of me
Rhymes remain ageless, lines light pages
Within the Magik Ages listen to active sages
I hide text messages in secret passages
Then I send death sentences to all Devil worshipers

The Mind Of The Human Being Is Being Attacked
I Figured Out The Main Route Back For Me Through The Beats & The Raps
They Block Your Brainwaves So You Got Nothing To Say
Corruption Is Everywhere, Like Guantanamo Bay
What Controls More Men Than Any Jail With Stone Walls
The Human Mind Is Still The Hardest Prison Of Them All
St Germaine Is In The Building Singing With Women & Children
Dancing On The Back Of An Elephant, Cosmonauts Appearing
Who's Ready & Equipped To Mix Poet Laureate
And Increase The Special Effects Of The Matrix Vortex
Drink A Lot Of White Wine, Suspend Your Belief In Time
You Will Find Without Trying You Can Heal Your Mind
Follow Your Own Heart, Follow Your Own Dreams
We Create Reality, Gods Wisdom Rocks Supreme
This Is A True Story, What Does It All Mean?
It Means That You Can Do Whatever You Want, And Life Is Not As Rigid As It Seems
An Interactive Hologram Of Learning & Decision
Consecrate This Journey With Love, Mercy & Precision
The Will Of Hip Hop's Illest, Visions Of Unknown Metaphysics
Cryptic Galactic Visits With A Team Of Twenty Spirits

[Outro: Mohinder Suresh from 'Heroes']

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