View Full Version : Open Call

09-28-2005, 09:17 AM
2 rounds-5 votes

In a battle call this is poison like an overdose on alcohol
I just handed you 2 litres of liquor and you swallowed it all,
Not to say that it doesn't take balls, but it's called suicide if death's invovled.
Go solve a rubix cube, you'd have an easier time,
My mind remains complex like gods infinite design
You'll never catch up, like Flintstones to a porsche
I'll pass your ass waving, absolutely no remorse
My dirty flows leave you mud covered looking for a waterhose
Like a all-nude strip joint, all hoes get exposed
Humilate ur ass, now reach over & touch ur toes
I speak more wisdom in two good coughs
Your game comes up short like the barrel of a sawed-off
Yet still I shoot at point-blank range, get inside you like a hacked mainframe
You tried to rid yourself but the virus maintains,
Just like you, it remains with no brains
Really ashamed that I couldn't extend your life
The true assassin grant you a pass'inTo a brand new life
The bland is hungry, I came to feed my knife

Luther Large
09-28-2005, 09:54 AM
the open call/be eric unseens downfall/grab the mic and loosen my jaw/this mc be gettin quickly mauled/instead of droppin like drunks you better off gettin to flowin holmes/or get goin home/i strike the bones with a dosage of potent poems str8 off the dome/ya'll quickly get snatched like purses/doomed like curses/and burnt like churches/when ya'll get hurdled with verses/this faggots just plain dull not even mean/wouldnt shine in the commercial world not to mention the mainstream//and it's only erics lyrics that aint neva been seen/an overdose of liquor thats all that you got?/well i got twenty shots of methane ready to blow your spot/this cats ryhmes are so weak they come undone quicker than pearms/i'm sicka than germs/this battle wasnt hard but it's easily earned/i come off harder than sperm/i throw 15 rounds at your chest just to give you heartburn/