View Full Version : good hip hop podcasts

Mic Tyson
01-16-2010, 09:30 PM
after seeing that DJ evil dee had a podcast every week in the best mixtapes thread, i wanted to start another one about podcasts. can yall recommend some good podcasts by any DJ's, or just any good ones in general that play a lot of underground shit? theres so many out i don't know where to start

01-16-2010, 10:03 PM
You can just do a search in a site like podomatic for one of your favorite underground hip hop songs and a number of podcasts will probably show up, another one is podbean and the iTunes store of course.


Check out people on UStream when you can, those are like podcast radio shows except in video form. People like Da Beatminerz, J Rocc, DJ Scratch and The Beat Junkies have shows