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01-19-2010, 05:16 AM
Dunno if there's many Beatles fans on here but thought I would post this to try and stop anyone getting ripped off...

I've seen a lot on this and did some research, so here are some tell tale signs... many are pretty obvious, but if this saves someone time in deciding to take action, and/or anxiety in understanding what they did or didn't get then it's well worth it...

Feel free to add to this. There are now tons of these out there & lots of folks are getting ripped off, whilst others are making lots of $$$... too bad. I even saw a local (Rochester NY) ad for a bootleg set where the person admits he got ripped off & is taking best offer/trade for it. He said there were even pauses in the actual music (he'd only listened to MMT)...Sad really...

The fakes have...

- It has the two thin nylon ribbon red pull tabs in the cardboard box trays
to lift out the two stacks of albums. (this is not totally accurate now as some fakes have been spotted with black ribbons too)

- Very thin cellophane-like CD sleeves inside the individual albums which
usually are stuck to the inside of the cardboard album sleeves for the
purchaser to physically yank out the cds causing the cellophane sleeves to rip.

- The box tray divider is cheap flimsy cardboard.

- The slick glossy black paper lining on and in the box is peeling and
creased and crushed from poor quality binding.

- Printing quality on both the booklets and the discs is noticeably of poor
quality and faded, especially the DVD disc art.

- Printing errors on the backs of some of the album sleeves. For example,
on the back of REVOLVER, the Beatles names are misspelled, the track
listings on the backs of the "White Album" and "Past Masters" have mistakes.

- The DVD of the mini documentaries opens up with a logo in Chinese(!)

- Once opened, the box and the contents have a *very* strong odor of
turpentine or some similar printing ink chemical.

The DVD Mini Documentaries has a large "Region 0" printed on the face-- the official discs do not and are a red Apple logo.

The PAST MASTERS digipak doesn't have slots for both discs--instead you have to put both discs in one slot, increasing the chance of scratching them. The official version has two slots, one for each disc.

The digipaks in the counterfeit set are made of much flimsier cardboard, very easily comes unglued. The officials ones are sturdy and well-made.

I ordered my box set from a site called Blue Leopard Products cos they had it on there for 75, supposedly a half price sale. When I received it, I realised the item had came from Hong Kong and it was a total fake! GUTTED!!!

Hope this stops anyone else on here from gettin' ripped off!


01-19-2010, 10:03 AM
wow..thats nuts...thanks for postin.