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The scriptures of both Bible and Holy Qur'an contain several references to entities, in today's lexicon, that could be described as unidentified flying objects ("UFOs"s). In particular, three books in the Bible - Exodus, Ezekiel and Revelations contain detailed descriptions that directly connect flying objects with the Supreme Being, His Chief Representative(s) to the people, and the plan of salvation and judgment which includes the saving of some people and the wholesale destruction of others.

That scripture is loaded with such references makes the government's efforts to conceal information regarding "UFOs" from the public that much more interesting. It also makes the mockery and dismissive attitude toward the issue that many Christians, Muslims and Jews display toward the subject, all the more peculiar and paradoxical. How can so many people who believe in books that make reference to entities and objects that can easily be described as "UFOs", in the public lexicon, dismiss the very idea that there do exist flying objects and human beings with technological capabilities far superior to that which this............................

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