View Full Version : The Dramatics Any Time Any Place and Shake It Well Albums

01-23-2010, 02:05 PM
These albums are their best and it's a shame these albums aren't available on cd. My dad has these albums so i was fortunate to listen to them. Shake It Well came out in 1977 and it has a lot of good songs. I like every song on the album and i usually don't like every song on a album LOL. That Heaven Kind Of Feelin song on the album was sampled by Scarface on his Heaven song on The Fix album. Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams song on the album is sampled by Destiny's Child on their song Girl on their last album. Any Time Any Place album is also real good and i like every song on the album. It came out in 1979. Ya'll should see the back of the album because on the back, the group members are partying with some girls hahahahahahahahaha. Some of the ladies look good. Love Birds song on the album was sampled by AZ on his AWOL album on the first song on the album. AZ speeded up the sample probably so The Dramatics won't sue him(LOL)but i could tell that it was Love Birds. They got some good jams on Any Time Any Place like I Just Wanna Dance With You, Bottom Line Woman, I Think About You, Get With The Band And Dance, Stranger In My Life, Marriage On Paper Only. I haven't heard most of their albums but the ones i did hear i didn't like but i love these 2 albums. They did a jam that came out in 1985 or 1986 i think called Show Me What You Got on Somewhere In Time album. That album i didn't like but i love Show Me What You Got. L.J. Reynolds who was the lead singer did some solo albums but i didn't hear them. He does gospel music now.