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01-24-2010, 10:58 PM
I got inspired by the idea presented in the Superman Red Son storyline.

So I'm going to set out on my own interpretation of the DC universe. Loosely based on the DC hero set within the real world during 1938. I'm hoping to make it different enough that its not infraction of DC's Intellectual Property.

It's the story of Lev, a young Russian orphan and his rise to international fame. Lev is an orphan of the October Revolution and taken in by a good Russian family. He is brought up as Lenin transforms the country from land of the Tsars into a Socialist Republic. By 1934 the boy is brought to Stalin who of course has heard of the boys physical feats. (Can dead lift several thousand pounds of weight, long jump 30 meters, and can run the hundred meters in just under five seconds and show remarkable agility, precision, and healed broken bones in a matter of hours.) He is enrolled in the Russian military and by 1938 is revealed to the world as the "Superman."

When Hitler enters Poland in '39 and Russia follows suit it is young Lev in the spear tip. When war breaks out in '41 with Germany it is Lev who the Soviet people rally around. By '43 Lev is the Hero of Leningrad, Savior of Moscow, and then "The Red Angel" of Stalingrad. Though he spends D-Day meeting with Stalin he soon finds himself on the bloody march for Berlin. By late '44 he's raising the Red Banner over a burning Reichstag. Hitler is captured and executed after a trial denounces him for his war crimes. He dies a broken man and Stalin's grand spectacle plays out.

Of course during the war Die Glocke manages to produce a number of relative superhumans called "Bell Troopers" that fail to stop D-Day or Superman. The last Bell Trooper Hans Jurgen (Modeled on Hal Jordan) and the scientist in charge Alexander Luther (Lex of course) are brought to the US (like Wernher von Braun in operation paperclip) and delivered to Bruce Carnegie, the rebellious playboy in charge of one of America's richest corporations (Batman.) Which leads on to more stuff of course but I'm bare bones right now. But this cold war will be fought by supersoldiers. Overall the plan is a more realistic, historically accurate unless necessary, and morally dynamic then other super hero portrayals.

Poetic Wun
01-24-2010, 11:13 PM
ill you read Red Son.

i like how this is going. like you said its more realistic w/ historical accuracy n such.

if you broke it down even further and made the characters your own... not Superman, Luther or Batman but gave them more original traits like you did with Sup's abilities (i.e. instead of Carnegie being the batman-esque personality, it be his son the hero or something else like that) i'd read this.
just constructive criticism but its your story and i like what you have so far.

hit me with more later man, i dig the socialist history and Red Son was a decent story at best, i didnt like it too much but i like the spin your giving it.


01-25-2010, 06:55 PM
I plan on developing the characters, those so described are simply stand ins. This is fan fiction, I plan to eventually write, pencil, and ink it all myself. So who knows if it will amount to anything.

Carnegie's is the wealthy great grandson of Andrew Carnegie by a fictitious son (Rockerfeller would be too obvious), he's the wealthy as hell, corporation king, Ivy league athlete, doctorate holding, playboy of his day. He's the Ying to Lev's Yang, one is a nobody turned unlikely hero, the other is a man who inherited a world few can imagine. He's got all the trademarks of an American. It's Rocky and Ivan. His weakness is his lack of happiness, his need for something more (as opposed to the darkness of Batman's motivations.)

Lev is the orphan of the revolution, born out of chaos and poverty, a man destined to rule the world, an Alexander the Great with dreams of Red Glory. He's raised and indoctrinated to be the ideal soviet (just as Carnegie is the Ideal American) and sees himself as just another man. Stalin favors him and calls him "The Young Stalin" which is where the name Man of Steel comes from more (as a tribute to his hardness being like that of the Dictator.) His only weakness is his youthful idealism. He only can get away with his virtues in Stalin's Russia because he scares the shit out of Stalin who knows that he's the "Wheel of History" that will uplift Russia.

Alexander Luther is a stand in name. It's adequate as it's German and it fits the bill. He's your classic Nazi mad scientist. He's developing Zero point energy for weapon purposes and after accidentally irradiating several SS guards they become the Bell troopers (More Evolved Humans so full of bad ass that Hitler splooges upon seeing them. 2 Meters of Leucism marked massively built (Heart like a mellon, advanced platelets, and general superhuman toughness and strength) genotroopers that happen to look like the Aryan wet dreams of the SS. Armed with Germany's best gear and hellbent on winning the war.) He then streamlines the process for improved usage, and is eventually brought to America by the end to work for America in the coming "arms race" for super humans.

Hans Jurgen therefore is a giant of a man who is destined to become the American response to Lev. 2 meters tall, 350 pounds of proportionate muscle. He is propagandized as being an German Hero who led a splinter of Germans against Hitler, but that's dishonest at best. Jurgen is no friend of a dead Fuhrer, but he is a loyal soldier to whomever he pledge loyalty. He's the equivalent of a morally ambiguous Captain America. Very much a Moore "The Comedian". He's perfectly capable of reading his lines to the US public, but he's a deeply flawed man when it comes down to it.

The plot will hopefully advance up to the Vietnam war (though I'd aim on a half dozen graphic novels worth of material before it reaches that point.) but as I said to begin with this is fan fiction so Reaching number 12 is as unlikely as finishing number 1.

Ultimately this is my version of Watchmen. :) (Though to be honest I still haven't seen it or read it... but I've read about it. Which is probably better as I can use some of their techniques such as getting into the characters heads through diaries and such, recurring themes and symbols in the art, and literary tie ins, without rewriting that story.)

01-27-2010, 10:58 AM
Wow can't wait for this.


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