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01-25-2010, 04:56 PM
so i used to take piano lessons for a year back in 1992 and recently i felt the need to start playin some instrument again so imma go with the piano again

first i thought i'd get one of these:

but after some digging i found out there's something called "midi master keyboard" or something like that, which i thought would be 10 times more useful than just a simple keyboard
im talking about the akai mpk 49 and the m-audio axiom 49



so you audio boothas must know what these things are and what theyre capable of so i dont have to explain, right

so my question is:

should i get the axiom (which is about $200) or the mpk (about $400)
is there any significant difference?
the thing is i have never done a single beat in my life and i dont wanna spend $400 on something i may not use at all
..or should i just get a yamaha keyboard?
perhaps you can suggest something else? :{
im really lost here