View Full Version : Tracks that tell the story of the civil rights movement?

01-27-2010, 09:00 PM
I need some help tracking down hip hop songs that are biographical. Hip hop songs that tell the story of the civil rights movement, black musicians, athletes, entertainers ect....(ie Common's song for assata)

any help is appreciated


so far I have

BDP-You Must Learn
BDP - The Racist
2-Pac-Words of Wisdom

please add on

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you'd think there would b more songs about this shit,but nah

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? how so

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I would rather chop of my balls with rusty razorblades than listen to Gucci Mane...please explain to me exactly how that wack shit is a part of this thread?, last time I looked the civil rights movement wasn't about wack "rappers", cocaine and drugs and horrible beats.

01-28-2010, 05:27 AM
I feel ya pain crds, it takes another place of mind to listen to those other rappers who are opposite of black social awareness and upliftment. Too bad it's oversaturating the airwaves instead of leaving room for balance of other music

One of the first song that came to mind was Common's Strange Fruit feat. John Legend, produced by Kanye, an unreleased song from Finding Forever. He doesn't speak on specific events of the Civil Rights movement specifically, but paints pictures of the trials, tribulations and uprising of black people during that time instead.


I would try artists like Ice Cube, Kam, Brand Nubian and X Clan next, even Guru might have kicked lyrics about Civil Rights at some point too. I remember the video for Who's Gonna Take The Weight had black history footage

praise the almitey W
01-28-2010, 10:04 AM
i think i have one for you its called by the time i get to arizona by public enemy but almost every PE song has something to do with civil rights or stopping black on black violence so i would consider PE overrall. also mos def and talib kweli. BTW my name is brandon too lol.

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sounds like youre fighting through a real corny class, let those pencil pushin niggas get a taste of this shit!!!!!!!!