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01-31-2010, 06:15 PM

Wicked Dreams
This is the first project of 2010 with the title "Wicked Dreams". Why im makin this is becouse when i started produce beats i was all for dark/surreal vibes in evrything i made. And ive been flexing with alot of diffrent styles lately, infact the whole 2009, to reach out to more people and simply learn more about the music. But right now i wanna take it back to the music i started with. Im not 100% happy with my work on the beats on my last Mixtape (Ways of Life) so im really putting in alot of effort to bring the best quality i can to the new beats. This will also be a free-net release so instead of throwing money to get this, i rather get real feedback on whats good/bad. That looks like a fair deal right?

Alot of my influcenses comes from psychadelic producers like Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Tegma and more. And to take that and blend it with hiphop, something fresh and creative comes out. And hopefully something orginal that sticks out.

Alot of the features on this project is new cats i havnt worked with until now and im very thankful that you wanna take part of this and make the whole album possible.

Big thanks to the crew HomeGrown for suporting this and big ups to Mike (StayVers Designs) for makin the album-art. And also to all you that are working with me on this album!

Wicked Dreams - 2010
#1 Doc Zootz, Billy tha Kid
#2 Dro Pesci, Dc Entel
#3 Kromatose, Ace
#4 Doc Zootz, Billy tha Kid, Ace
#5 Dro Pesci, King SoD, Doc Zootz
#6 Derbz, Cody G, Flex Digits
#7 Mark Deez, Powder, Praverb, Cody G
#8 Kromatose, King SoD, Dc Entel
#9 Flex Digits, Ace, SOB (Student of Battle)
#10 Billy tha Kid, Dro Pesci, Doolayz, Devil B
(Some changes can be made in the process)

DC Entel
01-31-2010, 10:58 PM
big things