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night pupil
02-02-2010, 06:25 PM
check this hip hop site out..


night pupil
02-02-2010, 06:55 PM
I got info for yall.. dont buy into their shit either way...

night pupil
02-02-2010, 08:58 PM
would you betray your human race to become a GodHead?

well I got better info then that.. I Dont know if others figured it out yet..

night pupil
02-02-2010, 10:40 PM
"would you betray your human race to become a GodHead?"

This line I dont know 100 percent just to make it clear.. Cus the other info i know i got by a mistake, 100percent.. Just to make it clear.. But I'm getting closer to that above and think it might be true...

But i know and have info that they kill eatchother... But my ughh "people" had me believe whoever does not go with the plan of that they are all the same they would be a whore.. I get so much info it might shock you.. But i know when it's the truth,.. I'm a complex person to deal with..

it deals with the fact that their is a force called love out there....LOL! And they roam the highest realms just like hate.. And that there is a force that is hate.. I deal with the highest of individuals, i know this..

night pupil
02-03-2010, 02:58 PM
Also I just wanna say thats just confirming the negtive and postive polarities.. It gets a little deeper and explains that there is no other "next level" out the matrix and thats just to control your mind with mystifying evil, because love roams the highest of plains as well.. But this i'm still working on cus if theres infintite dimensions, it gets a little complicated..lol..

To explain it quikly someone messed up and called "god" giving me favor (no homo) (cus god is always helping me out..) the police to someone who thought I had said something to him, It's complex, i am complex..lol.. They where asking them basically was it the police meaning many things(but I know what they where meaning for many reasons..).. but thats how it is a lot of people sleep on a nigga.. Because i like to shut my 3rd eye up sometimes.. The dude made a big show out of it and so the mother who just arrived was asking in concern.. Anyway we where droping dude off cus of the whole thing.. and a police rolls by his side...LOL.. he did not know what to say and kind of said oh, boom they fucked up, and then he says real quick there go's your mother to this one dude..Because to stay silent it would give it away.. I know how to read this shit good, all of it.. And he responds fast as fuck you thats your motherfucking mother..lol.. See what the masons teach is that our world is an illusion also projecting of their world.. And their world is where it's called hyperspace where the godheads reside.. So they believe God is out changing shit in the matrix..LOL!!! I have a goodamount of info cus i know what they teach i have videos and everything i found on the net of what the masons teach.... Because my friends tryed to teach me a quick lession before this all started just incase i flew over... I dont know if they knew.. But my belief is it was done just incase... Believe it or not theres a lot of measures done for emergency reasons..

I just wanna say theres many reasons i know they where talking about God giving me favor.. A lot of time put in with these people, plus they messed up...

And this was just wrote fast without much detail.. I dont wanna get into the whole story.. But i think it's good enough..

Check this for some info.. stewart swerdlow was taught this while working for the montauk project.. My understanding is that he's still a mason.. But you never know sometimes..

follow this video onto the others..